Sunday, January 6, 2013

A Family Sunday

Sunday and Family. Most Sunday's will find our home filled to the brim with children of all ages. It's loud and crazy. This Sunday involved family but of a different generation.

My siblings from PA (brother Dick and his wife Nancy, sister Mary Ellen, sister Jean and her husband Dick and Dale and I) gathered for lunch along with our step mother Mary. Dick and Jean had their granddaughter Destiny with them and we had Ellen. Lunch was simple - we ate out! After lunch we gathered at my sister Mary Ellen's home for dessert.

OK - I was going to insert some photos but Blogger isn't cooperating. Ugh!

Our brother-in-law Elvin (was married to our sister Janet who is now deceased) and his wife Pauline were in the area so they stopped by too. How nice! We sang some Christmas carols from song sheets that had been my Dads. We grew up singing together and was one of our Dad's favorite things to do when we were together. We always sing at family gatherings! And, we do know how to sing, I might add =) Jeanie played the piano as we sang.

Dessert time! Ellen was ready for that. Mary Ellen made a cherry cheese dessert. Yummy! I brought grapes. There was also party mix that Mary Ellen made. It was a wonderful afternoon. We said farewell to our step mother who is leaving for Florida this week. She will enjoy the warm Sunshine State for more than a month. We are all a bit jealous!

Later, on my way home from picking up Gina at work, my phone rang. It was Corey. He asked if I could come get Zoe. Aidan, who has been sick, woke from his nap with a high fever so they were taking him to the ER. Of course I went to get Zoe.

We had decided last evening not to gather at all today. Corey had been sick this week, Christy got sick on Friday, Zoe had pink eye this week and Aidan had a cold which seemed to be turning into more. Paityn and Brinley had colds this week too. This afternoon Scott said it looked like Paityn may have pink eye too. I've had a scratchy throat and sinus pain since yesterday. We all agreed that staying apart was best for our health this week.

 Please say a prayer for our sweet Aidan. We heard that he responded good to a treatment and are now awaiting results of an x-ray.

Blessings to you!


Musicaljean said...

That dear boy! And do everything you can to ward off those germs! If you haven't ever started using the Neil Med Sinus rinse, now would be a good time to get it. I use the squeeze bottle and solution. Almost every day - but especially if I feel the slightest stuffiness, stratchy throat, etc. And of course Zicam Rapid Melts and Halls Defense Lozenges and tea and Vicks. Maybe even some of "that stuff". Hahahahaha!!

Anonymous said...

Praying that everyone is better soon, especially Aidan...I know he has breathing problems.
Glad you had wonderful fellowship with the family earlier. I'd love to hear you guys sing.

Theresa said...

Oh my goodness Doris, that is a lot of sick little ones and I will pray for all of you! Sounds like you had some great family time before moving ON to being the Nicest Nurse:) Have a blessed and "feel better kinda day" HUGS!

Beatrice P. Boyd said...

Sorry to read that Aiden is not feeling well, as are others in your family Doris. We will be keeping all in our thoughts and hoping for quick recoveries.