Saturday, November 24, 2012

Thursday to Saturday

Thursday -
Thanksgiving day was another beautiful day. We had several of those this week. The temps were warm for this time of year and the the sunshine! We had a wonderful dinner and ate too much!

Something funny was said just as I was snapping the pic!
L - R
Carol (friend of Mary Ellen), Mary Ellen, Gina

Ellen and Dale
These were the only pictures I took. Neither one is that great. Oh well! Later Greta and Lynn came. They brought a peanut butter pie, yum. Corey Christy and the kids came too. We had a great time chatting. I was so tired and confess to falling asleep while they were here. Yes I did.
Friday -
I was up by 4:15 to be at work (Boscov's gift wrapping seasonal job I started this week) by 6. I drank a cup of coffee on the way and didn't feel too bad by the time I got there. I wrapped gifts till 11. We were busy! From the mall I headed to Corey and Christy's to pick up Gina and the kids. Gina stayed overnight to be with the kids since I was working and both Corey and Christy were working too. I took Gina to Greta's house and they went to work together. I.went.home. Was sooo happy to be doing that! Dale was home painting the front door. Aidan was happy to play outdoors while Pop Pop worked. I was happy to be indoors with a sleeping Zoe where I could kick back and do nothing!!
Saturday -
A cold, blustery day. Gina did some cleaning and I worked on some things for the Women's brunch at church. It is next Saturday. I have lots to do before that day. It seems like it's not suiting very many ladies this year. Sigh. I'm struggling to keep a good attitude....everyone is so busy. Me too. Sometimes I think maybe it's time for me to let someone else do this. Something for me to ponder and pray over for sure! Later this afternoon Gina, Ellen and I went shopping. Gina bought a few Christmas gifts. I looked for boots for Ellen but we didn't find any. Tonight I made a pot of Chili and a kettle of turkey corn noodle soup for lunch tomorrow. Also made cranberry applesauce. I haven't made it in a long time. It's just a can of jelled cranberry sauce and a cup of applesauce mixed together with an electric mixer. I thought it didn't seem as red as usual. The recipe calls for a pound can of can was 14 oz.  Were they 16 oz. cans at one time? I don't know....could be why the sauce isn't a nice red! Now I have dishes to wash then I'm going to bed! Will feel so good!
Good night, my friends. Sunday is on it's way =)


Anonymous said...

Busy times for sure! Is Ellen looking for the short boots this year? I see so many young women wearing them - they are cute! The cranberry applesauce sounds very good. I think the cans were bigger in the past! Wishing you a very nice Sunday with family.

Musicaljean said...

All that driving on Friday after an early day at work! Makes me sleepy just reading about it. I'm glad you could go home and do nothing.

Your dining room looks so nice on the Thanksgiving meal pics.

Have a good Sunday. Maybe I'll finally have time to do a post later today.

Theresa said...

Oh dear Doris, you have just wore me out this morning and I am still sitting with my coffee:) Sounds like you have been WAY too busy! Kick your feet up a little today! Have a blessed day dear friend! HUGS!


A seasonal job ... that sounds fun.

You serve the women at your church so well. Hope you get a bunch of last minute sign ups.



Beatrice P. Boyd said...

Looks like a wonderful family time, even without lots of photos. Memories are even better, Doris!