Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Loving Life

Yes I am, even though it's a crazy busy life right now. The gift wrapping job is going just dandy. The other gift wrappers are delightful and I enjoy working with them. I guess I've forgotten how much I do enjoy people! Today I wrapped some gifts for men to give their wives, for little old ladies, for Mothers and Grandmas. There must have been a special on heavy hooded sweatshirts today because I wrapped a bunch of them!

Yesterday we had snow! It wasn't much but enough to make me nervous. (It doesn't take much!!)

It does look pretty.

Gina cleans off the car.

Gina and I left extra early for work. As we got closer to the mall, we realized we were really we made a stop st McD's for takeout breakfast!

Gina changed departments at Boscov's this week. She was offered full-time in young men's and seasonal. Isn't that wonderful? The manager for those departments is a really sweet girl. I know Gina will like working for her.

I've been spending time after work this week, at church. The Christmas Brunch is Saturday. I'm decorating 4 tables and I also do some decorating of the church. I love doing it. I always have way more ideas than I have time to do. Or the money to do....I don't like charging the church for all my hair-brained ideas =) I'll take some pictures and post them.

Last evening I made my first Craigslist purchase. I was looking for a doll bed for Zoe. Corey suggested I check Craigslist. Sure enough, I found a cute handmade wooden cradle complete with handmade bedding. When we went to purchase it, she had a baby doll in it. I said, that's not included, is it?  She said it was! It's so cute and I know Zoe will be thrilled!

I had a first today, too. I bought a powerball ticket! I never did that before. Shoot, I never even purchased a lottery ticket of any kind. They sell them at Boscov's. Fran, one of my co-workers, also bought one....she said it was the first she ever bought too! We both joked that if one of us didn't show up for work in the morning, everyone will now that we won, hehe!

Well, I have laundry to fold, more laundry to wash. I don't have many dishes to wash because we ate McD's for dinner. I don't like doing that but my day was way too full to add cooking to it. I even had a chicken sandwich instead of a salad.....because the only thing I ate today besides my breakfast smoothie was some dark chocolate covered raisins that I picked up at Dollar Tree today!

It does not look like Christmas around here yet. Maybe after Saturday...........

I love Christmas, don't you?  Blessings, my friends!



I wish I was wrapping presents right next to you. It sounds fun.

And ... I hope you win the lottery. Imagine how you could decorate the church then. :)


Barb said...

Sometimes It goes several days till I read your blogs and I just love and enjoy reading them so much. Yes the snow is beautiful but I too am nervous when driving in it. Your Thanksgiving meal sounded wonderful and I'm glad Mary Ellen and her friend could join you.

Anonymous said...

Congrats to Gina!
I'm happy to hear you are enjoying your job this Christmas.
The baby bed sounds adorable. I remember an older gentleman making one for my niece many years ago.
Wishing you a very nice day!

Theresa said...

Oh my goodness, you made me tired. That's a lot of stuff in one day:). Happy for Gina, I bet she is a great worker like you! Have a blessed day dear friend. Big hugs.

Annmarie Pipa said...

Yes...I love Christmas too...and Thanksgiving. I love the most that the whole family gets together and is happy to do that. You are one buys woman! good for you. Boscovs is so busy! I went there yesterday and the registers were packed...good luck to Gina!

Beatrice P. Boyd said...

Christmas is Grenville's favorite time of year, just for the music alone. We don't do a lot of gift shopping or wrapping but in years past, I did a lot of that. Glad the Boscov's job is going so well and congrats to GIna on the full-time position. It's nice that you can car pool together. No snow here (sigh) but we did see some when we were on a recent road trip in Vermont.