Wednesday, August 29, 2012

What have I been up to?

While I took that blog break......
  • This handsome young man had a birthday -
Grandson Andrew Aleong
  • We spent a fun day at Knoebel's Amusement park with Corey and Marcy's families.
Gina and Ellen are on this ride...
I am not that brave!!
Nope, not that brave!
Zoe gets a snack from Marcy and
Pop Pop has a conversation with Brinley.
Christy and Scott are looking forward to a roller coaster ride.
Ellen and Gina are in the line
way ahead of them.
They all loved this coaster!
(I don't do coasters either)
 Brinley is a Daddy's girl!
We took time to eat.
The food in this park is not priced
'out of the park' =)
Yeah, a train ride!
I do ride a train!
Looking good, Aidan and Paityn!
The train takes you through the woods....
I loved this!
Gina, Aidan and Paityn go for a spin.
Zoe says Hi!
Waiting in line to ride a car.
Hubs and Ellen take a ride up the mountain
and down again.
I said -
No, thank you!
Away they go!
So are you wondering what I did all day?
I had my Kindle, of course!
And I wasn't  bored in the least even though it
looks like I am!
(Scott photo)
Yes, we had fun.....
we always do!
It was a beautiful day.
The kids rode the Ferris Wheel as the last ride
after it got dark.
(I don't ride Ferris Wheels either!)
Unfortunately for Christy,
there was a spider on the ceiling of the car they rode
and she was freaked out about it for the entire ride!

  • I had a mammogram. When I went to the Dr. for blood work, she looked to see if I had gotten one. I proudly said I had it scheduled. When she told me it had been November 2009 since the last one, I was surprised it had been that long. She read to me what she had noted a year ago....I had said the very same words!          Oh, it came back normal =)
  • I changed what I eat. I'm not being rigid about it but I need to make changes. My blood sugar is still running above normal. It was better than the last time I had it checked but not where I am not considered in the pre-diabetic range. I do not like that. So, I'm making changes. If I lose some weight, awesome.
  • Aidan and Zoe came to keep me company. On Friday I mentioned that my shoes are dirty. Take a look at what happened!
Zoe took them right to the sink
and Aidan followed!

You gotta use soap if you want something to be clean.

Rinsing them.
They're all good now, Nana!

  • We shopped for sneakers for Ellen. Shoe shopping for her is a challenge. It takes 2 different sizes to make a pair. I always go to the Sketcher's outlet to get sneakers. Cost was a big issue too right now. I did a lot of praying. God is so good. An employee asked if we needed help to find a shoe....I was looking w-a-y up on the top shelf where I thought I saw a size 5 1/2 for her R foot (7 for the L). He climbed up and got it for me. I told him why I was looking for the 2 sizes. Ellen loved the sneakers, they fit. The same man happened to be at the cash register when we went to pay for them. He rang them up and I thought they would have been more. He gave me $10 off since I needed to buy two pairs! Wow! I thanked him over and over. It meant the world to me! He did that even though the second pair is always half off when you purchase two =) 
I did other things too. Mundane things. It all keeps the world going 'round!
Have a great day!


Theresa said...

Girl, I am tired after reading all of that! Looks like LOADS of fun! I don't ride most of the rides either! I don't like to go round and round, I don't like to ride fast jerky rides or go way up high:)

Happy that you all are enjoying a little rest after that busy time! HUGS!

Musicaljean said...

We have never been to Knoebels! I think we're going to have to plan a day there sometime. I would love that train ride too. But I do still really enjoy ferris wheels.

My mammogram is overdue. I haven't been sure I could get my arm up over the slide since my shoulder injury. Now it's scheduled for November.

You guys sure do have lots of birthdays in August!

Lorraine said...

I don't do anything but the train ride either - well, sometimes the boats and the grand carousel. Looks like you had fun. Did you go into the fudge place and get one of those frozen coffee drinks in there? I love those especially the chocolate peanut butter one!

Anonymous said...

Always fun to see your family photos. Looks like beautiful weather but I'm like you: I don't do most rides!!! What a blessing about Ellen's shoes. Wishing you a restful night.

Annmarie Pipa said...

OH my gosh...I grew up in Mt carmel. we just saw the football team was ranked # 5, or 2, in the state. my sister probably taught your grandson...she taught at Mt carmel for 25 yrs, her name was Mrs. Stametz...ask him if he had her...that would be crazy!


I love this post ... it contains so much life.


Doris said...

Lorraine, I did go in the fudge shop but it was late in the day. Frozen coffee, time!

Annmarie, there must be two schools with the same team name. My Grandson goes to JP McCasky in Lancaster.