Friday, August 31, 2012

Making Applesauce

Greta loves applesauce and wanted to make some with me. I hadn't done that in years. Yesterday was our day! She purchased 2 baskets of Summer Rambow apples and we got to work.

The smell of cooking apples is sooooo good!
Greta hard at work cranking out the applesauce.
Bowls of cut apples wait for empty kettles.
From the kettle of cooked apples
to the Squeez-O strainer....
the skins in one bowl
and wonderful sauce in another!
Filling containers with golden yummy-ness!
We filled that big bowl three times!
Soooooo good!
My day started off not so good but ended with a good tired. I had car trouble in the morning and needed to get it towed =( Thankfully, my brother rescued me and had a loaner car available so I could go on with my day. Christy had my Squeez-O strainer which I needed to pick up. Zoe wanted to come home with me, of course I said yes! Aidan wanted to also. He really wanted to help make applesauce but he was sick with a fever.
My car was fixed and Zoe and I picked it up on our way to church where we had the monthly worship team practice. I was really tired but, oh well! Corey was there too and took Zoe home after the practice. Christy ended up taking Aidan to the ER, Dr's orders, because his fever went really high. Corey sent me a text around 11p - they only found asthma and were headed home.  Poor kid! I hope he is feeling better today. I'm to keep them this afternoon.
A busy week end is in store for us. We have a birthday party for a special Paityn tomorrow and a family cook out on Sunday. Monday will be a work day here....hoping to accomplish much!
Wishing you a blessed day!


Theresa said...

Yummmmmy homemade applesauce!!! You ladies are really busy up there. Hope all feel better today, no more fever:). Rest a minute if you can find a minute to rest! Hugs

Musicaljean said...

That applesauce looks so GOOD!! Gotta make some.

Anonymous said...

Praying that Aidan feels better soon. My grandma used to make applesauce and I love it! Wishing you a safe and happy weekend.