Monday, August 6, 2012

Cheering, Baseball, Family

What a busy week end! Aaron's Acres camp ended on Friday for Ellen and Challenger Cheering started on Saturday morning.

The girls do some cheers during half time.

I didn't snap any pictures of the game, but the players were having a great time too! So neat to see the kids and catch up with the parents.

A minor league baseball game was on our bucket list for the summer......we attended  a Lancaster Barnstormers game Saturday night.

We arrived early and enjoyed some hot dogs and fries
before the game.

This fella provides a lot of fun....
Ellen just giggles and laughs at his antics!

We enjoyed the game...
and our team won!

Look who also came to the game =)
Marcy and Scott
Paityn and Brinley
Scott's parents came too!
This was Paityn's first time at a Barnstormer's game!

They ended the game with a fireworks show....
It was a struggle to get Ellen to this game because of the fireworks.
She doesn't like the noise.
I got her earplugs.
She found they really did eliminate the loudness of the booms.
But the challenges of keeping her calm before she found
out how much they helped....
oh my.

Parents with special needs kids know the depth of that
Oh My!

Sunday was church and our monthly Fellowship meal. Our pastor and family were away so we had a pastor from Ethiopia speak and a youth worship team from Petra (our parent church) lead worship. Even though our congregation is still reeling from an unexpected death of a young man last week, it was a great service.  

We brought Paityn home with us and the rest of her family came later. Kim and Andrew and Greta and Lynn came too. We watched the Olympics....stayed indoors because it was soooo hot and humid outdoors! We had a storm too but it didn't do much to lower the temps!

I'll add a few photos from the Aaron's Acres family BBQ on Thursday evening. 

Thankful for the shade as we wait to eat
those yummy burgers and hot dogs!

Ellen gets a hug from Debra, one of her camp buddies.

Ellen shows off her
'Perfect Pool Partner'
award =)

Ellen with Ellie, a Camp Buddy.
It was a good two weeks for Ellen!

I love looking at the are a few shots I recently took.

Serious storm clouds!!
We had several storms recently that produced huge rolling clouds.
Pretty but a bit scary too!

At the Ballpark

Love a pretty sky!

Now it's Monday. Aidan and Zoe are on vacation so my concentration will be on this house. Each room needs a good clean and organization. Let the fun begin......

It will be a good week! Wishing you the same!


Theresa said...

Oh how I love the sky pictures! I always take pictures of the sky looking however it looks:)

Ellen is precious cheering! I am happy that the earplugs helped keep her calm!

Have a blessed day dear Doris, I am doing the same as you are today! Cleaning and organizing:) HUGS!

Musicaljean said...

I just love all the fun stuff there is for Ellen to participate in!

That picture of Paityn is gorgeous!

Love the sky pics.

Anonymous said...

So happy that Ellen enjoyed her camp experience and the ball game. You guys have really been busy! Hope your weather will cool some and make your cleaning/organizing a little easier!

Joanne said...

fun family times. glad the ear plugs worked for ellen. Love going to the barnstormers, always so much fun.

Mary Ellen said...

So happy Ellen could go to Aaron Acres. What a great time for her.
Loved the pictures and comments. Did you see the sunset this evening, the sky was beautiful.

One day I hope I get to a Barnstormers game.

Annmarie Pipa said...

we go to the Senators games...definitely a fun family night...
good for Ellen!!
enjoy your cleaning..hahaha