Friday, August 3, 2012

Sister Time!

From Sunday evening to Monday afternoon it was Sister Time. Mary Ellen desired to make it happen, and it did. We missed Rose who had to get back home to GA to take a test (she has one more year of college).

 I didn't take any photos at Mary Ellen's house. We gathered there first for something to eat rather than eat out. Then it was to Country Inn and Suites for lots of talking, lots of laughs and not so much sleep!

We piled our stuff, it was for only 1 night but we need a lot of stuff, on a cart. We had some giggles already in the lobby. We just can't help ourselves. We laugh so easily when together!

We found our room.
Let the fun begin...
oh, it already had!

We try a key.
It didn't work.
We try the other one and it worked.
We had adjoining rooms.
We tried the key that didn't work for the first room on room #2.
It didn't work!
The other envelope was...empty!!
We thought maybe the girl at the desk forgot to give them to us.
After many giggles, Mary Ellen went down stairs to get a key for Rm. #2.
All was well.
Guess what....later, she found the keys which we thought we didn't have
on the BOTTOM of her purse!!
That meant we now had 6 keys!
Or was it 5....I don't know.
It was so hard to keep track of it all!!
Oh, and when Mary Ellen went down to get a key the fist time
she discovered that she had left her car keys at the desk =)

Barb rolls the stuff into the room.

We make ourselves comfortable.
Sleep didn't happen till after 1 a.m.

I don't have photos from breakfast.
We ate in the breakfast room at the Hotel.
It was really nice.
And we actually didn't have any fits of laughter.
Until, that is, we tried to get into the room again.

We, no, Mary Ellen picked up a key before leaving the room.
The rest of us just left it up to her to be responsible!
I guess because she is the oldest =)
Or the youngest.....I don't know,
It's all so hard to keep track of ;-)
The trouble and gales of laughter began as we used that key
 to get into Rm. #1.
We had 6 keys (or was it 5?) to choose from for the 2 rooms.
We tried to get in. Didn't work.
Tried it on Rm. #2. It didn't work!
We had the 1 key that didn't work!!!!!!
Down to the lobby Mary Ellen went.
She told them of our dilemma and said it didn't matter which room key they gave us.
They gave us a key for Rm. #2.

We had left from room #1
 and the safety latch was still on the door of Rm. #2!!
We couldn't get in either of the Rooms!

So Mary Ellen went down to get another one.

Oh. My. Word!!
We laughed so hard!

We are all such responsible women....
except when we are together!

Packing up...
Making sure we didn't leave anything behind.

Betty packs up too.

Stacking it all on that cart again!

We roll that cart out across the parking lot
to our 3 Buick's!

Barb and Mary Ellen pack their stuff in
Mary Ellen's car.

I caught Jeanie taking photos!

*Disclaimer - the above events are stated as I [sorta] recall them.
I may not have all the happenings recorded as others may remember them.
Just was just so hard to keep track of it all!

From the Hotel we drove to the small town of Lititz.
First stop was the Lititz Springs Park.

We walk to the top of the hill to see this....

This is a beautiful park.
We reminisced about coming to this park
as kids for the Wenger Reunion.

We sing in the gazebo....
just like we did many years ago in Gloucester, MA
at another sister week-end.

From the park we went across the street to a cute little restaurant
called Tomato Pie Cafe.....
my first time eating there.

We sat outdoors. It was wonderful...
the food, the atmosphere, the service, the company =)

From there we visited some of the shops along Main Street.

My personal favorite was one full of old things.
We saw many items we remember from our childhood.
Upstairs was full of clothing.
How I wish I had snapped more photos
but I was just too busy exclaiming over all the neat things
that brought back so many neat memories.

Jeanie and Mary Ellen try on some hats.
Our memories are of other ladies wearing them...
our Mennonite roots would not have allowed such fancy =)

Barb found this neat green coat.

She would have bought it had it been a shorter length.

I couldn't leave the store without taking a photo of this...
Mom had a picnic bag just like this.
It held a red plaid thermos too.

And so ended the wonderful Sister Time.

Sisters are the BEST!


Musicaljean said...

They really are!!!! I'm not sure I completely remember the keys fiasco anymore! How do we become so irresponsible when we're together?? I guess we just can't talk and have fun and mind our business all at the same time!

Lorraine said...

Sounds like a wonderful time. I really like the Tomato Pie Cafe - did you have any of their herbed lemonade? It was great to see pictures of all your families. We have all changed over the years, haven't we?

Maple Lane said...

What fun pictures, Doris. So happy you had this sister time. Often when I talk to my sis by phone, my face hurts from laughing so much!

Pamela said...

I could picture it all. I only have one sister but the fun and laughter we can have together. Since her husband passed away I've been trying to go on vacations with her. So. much. fun.

Theresa said...

Oh what a fun time! Just returning from a week in a hotel... I can sure relate to lots of keys which half of the time don't work! Laughter with Sister is SO precious! Have a blessed evening dear friend, HUGS!

Beatrice P. Boyd said...

Doris, I have only 1 sibling, a brother, so it was fun to "see" nd read about your sister reunion...a good time was had by all!

Mary Ellen said...

You did a good job on the Keys fiasco!! Great memories indeed!! And the laughter so good for us all!

Barb said...

Wonderful account of a very fun weekend. And yes, sisters are the best!! Looking forward to next year!