Thursday, July 5, 2012

We love a Parade!

Here it is...the 5th day of July! My word, this month is cruising along!

July 3 -
Aidan and Zoe came in the afternoon. It was too hot to play outdoors. We watched some movies and Aidan played with the Fisher Price garage from Nana's attic. Pop Pop came home from work a little early because we were going to a parade!

Waiting for it to start.

Aidan is ready to pick up some candy!

Dear Zoe is ready too =)

They applauded ....

They look to see what's coming....

They wave.....

They pick up the loot....

They enjoyed!

That was fun!

How do you cool off after spending 2 hours in the hot outdoors???

You go to Twin Kiss for some Ice Cream, of course!!!

July 4 - (no pictures)

It was hot, again. Just like most of the US. Hubs and I had a job to do....clean out the attic!!! We worked for several hours. Around 2:00 or so, I was dirty enough and hot enough to call it quits. It was just too hot, even with a fan, to continue. Besides, I had laundry to do and a dinner to prepare. Christy had gotten some corn at the Market on Tuesday that was in our frig. I told them to come for dinner and I would prepare it for them. We also grilled hot dogs, I made mac and cheese, cut up a watermelon, and had left over brownies and some good choc. chip cookies from BJ's.

Ellen enjoys seeing fireworks from a distance. Loud noises really bother her. For several years we have taken her to see the Lititz fireworks from a hill near our home.This year, we invited Corey and Christy and the kids to join us. Was so sorry we had because the show was not very good this year! People pay to see them in the Litiz Springs Park....and I'm sure they were beautiful there. Lots of low ones for them. There were very few high in the sky fireworks, no wild and crazy finale. All the people sitting on the hill where we were just sat there wondering, is that it??? Yep, that was it. So we went back home again. Disappointing but we had some good laughs anyway!

** I just read a Press Release concerning the show....there were technical issues from the very beginning and at least half of the high fireworks didn't ignite. They were very apologetic about it. I'm grateful to know that what we saw was not some one's idea of a good time =)

July 5 -
I had a haircut today. I love having Jess work her magic on my head  =)  Gina also got a haircut today at the mall. We shopped for a swim suit for Ellen but didn't find one. She needs a new one for camp which will be here before we know it. Will have to keep looking.

Today is my sister Rose's birthday. Rose is the special baby in our family. Mom had her when she was 40, just like I had Ellen when I was 40.

Beautiful Rose with her family
(daughter Katie is missing)

Today is also the birthday of my special Daughter-in-law, Christy.

That's Christy on the right.

A post will be coming soon with more about this special lady that married our son.

It's the end of another day. Time for some rest because tomorrow promises to be filled to the brim once again!


Theresa said...

You have had a busy week:) I love the little ones waiting on the parade! Seeing them sitting on the curb clapping and watching... really made me smile! Happy Birthday Rose, what a beautiful Sister and family!

Happy Birthday to Christy! I know that she is HAPPY to be a part of your family!

Have a blessed day dear Doris, stay cool:) HUGS!

Annmarie Pipa said...

parades are just so much fun!! the candy is a highlight!
your pictures are fun to look at.