Tuesday, July 31, 2012

More Photos

Sam, son of my sister Jean, watches his son Sammy play
with the wonderful train set.
Aidan enjoys it too.

Jen (Sammy's Mama) watches Sammy play.
Jeremy, son of my sister Jean, watches a swimming competion on his phone.
I'm guessing on that fact!
Dick, hubby of Jean, is watching Sammy too.

Lisa, daughter to Jean, is probably doing a yoga stretch,
Anthony and Lori and Austin enjoy some family time.
Anthony is a son to Jean.

Gina enjoys some Brinley time.

The younger crowd =)
Isaiah, son of sister Betty,
Marybeth and Christy, daughters of sister Rose,
Merida, daughter of Betty,
Olivia, daughter of Rose

Lynn, across from him is my sister Betty,
my step Mother Mary, Jean's hubby Dick.

Corey and Aidan

Playing 'Catch Up' today.......laundry, dishes, putting stuff away.

Taking Gina to fill out yet another job application. Finding a job is hard work!!

Aidan and Zoe here today too.

Ellen is at camp this week too. Lots of time spent in the car.

I would like to visit with my blog friends too......I really do!!!

Blessings to you!


Theresa said...

Super family pictures! We have a big family too and love getting together with those we don't see very often! Have a blessed day, hope Gina finds a job! HUGS!

Beatrice P. Boyd said...

Doris, no reason to explain why you haven't had time to read blogs, it's obvious in these photos and the previous post. Nice to see that you had a great family gathering with lots of good food too.

Anonymous said...

You are blessed to be part of a big family. I enjoyed you sharing the pics from your reunion. I hope Gina finds a job and I hope Ellen is enjoying her 2nd week of camp.