Monday, July 30, 2012

Family and More Family

This past week end was spent with family....lots of family. About 45 or more Witmer's (my sibs and their kids and Grands) gathered at an old elementary school turned into a retreat center in York County for our annual gathering. It's a highlight of our year. I will post only a few pictures now because our family time continues tonight at my step Mother's sibs and Mary's children are eating dinner together tonight.

My family provided the meal for Saturday evening.....

Christy hard at work....
what are those men in the background doing???

Yep, that's what I thought ;-)

Kim and Marcy set up the food line.
We had to keep moving the food down and down
 to make room for more and more.
We had a big meal!

That's one big kettle of meatballs!

Sweet Zoe enjoys her meal.

Lots of hungry Witmer's!

We finished our meal with soft vanilla ice cream with lots of topping choices. Lynn's parents graciously allowed us to borrow their IC maker. What a yummy way to end a day =)



Your family just always has so much fun.


Anonymous said...

Fun pictures, Doris. So happy you all had this time together. Ice cream sounds so good to me!

Theresa said...

Wait, you started without me? Hope everyone had a wonderful time! Looks like loads of great food and full tummies! Have a blessed day, HUGS!