Monday, July 16, 2012


Not me.... the house, hehe! Stay with me and I'll explain.

Saturday morning found me at Panera bread for coffee with 2 blog friends, Beatrice and Grenville (The Frog and PenguINN). They came bearing gifts from their garden and orchard. Talk about yum! We chatted for a long time. They brought pictures from their daughter's wedding which I thoroughly enjoyed looking at. Before we knew it, it was time to go our separate ways. What a pleasant time with two friends I would have never met except for our blogs =)

Before I went home again, I shopped at Bed, Bath and Beyond. I found what I needed but I had to look at a lot more....of course I did!

Back home I went to begin the big clean, laundry, grocery shopping, dish washing. Hubs was in the attic where he was sweeping up a lot of dirt. He also pulled some more boxes to the main part for me to go through. Our goal is to finish this Saturday, I'll call the company to come get the dumpster next Monday and they will be here on Tuesday to get it. I'm ready for it to leave!! The house is getting lighter as the dumpster is getting fuller. (don't plan on filling it completely!)

Hubs also tore out the very old carpet in what was Greta's bedroom. The wood floors would sand and finish nicely but we'll let that for the next family to do. We'll get a piece of carpet from Ollie's to put in the bedroom....not w/w carpet.

Ellen and I went grocery shopping in the evening. It always seems to take me a long time to do that task. We were home soon after 8. I picked up take-out for dinner since we hadn't eaten yet.

Corey brought over the dog that evening because they had a scheduled open house from 1-3 on Sunday. Praying for a buyer!

Sunday morning was Church. I had nursery duty this Sunday, had lots of help for which I was thankful for!

I wanted to go see a house that had an apartment in the basement so we went to that before lunch at our house. The house wouldn't work for us....cross off another.

Lunch was hot chicken Cesar sandwiches, BLT's (thanks for the delicious tomatoes, B&G!), veggies and dip (again, thanks for the delicious green peppers, B&G!), potato chips, grapes, cherries and cookies.

Scott and I played a version of Pictonary with Aidan and Paityn. It was fun to see Aidan and Paityn draw a picture of their word. Scott and Marcy pulled cards that had simple words. What we really needed was a kids version but we made do!

Later in the evening it rained, heavy rain and thunder and lightening. Did we ever need that rain! Our grass is mostly brown.

So now it's Monday again. Aidan and Zoe are here. Aidan is finding lots to play with. Zoe fell asleep while eating applesauce (poor tired baby!) and is now napping on the sofa.

It's time for me to begin dinner. I have some chicken to cook and bread to use before it goes bad so chicken and stuffing casserole it will be.

Will be a busy week of cleaning out the attic this week. Friday, Nana and Pop Pop hope to take a day with Ellen and Paityn, Aidan and Zoe and have some fun! More on that at another time.....Hope it all works out!


Theresa said...

So much work to moving! We have been in this house for 10 years! When we cleaned out the old house... OH MY what a job! Hope you get it all done and clean as a whistle! Enjoy your time with the Grands:) They sure make us smile, don't they? HUGS!

Musicaljean said...

I remember thinking that our farmhouse should be light enough to fly after we got rid of so much stuff SEVEN years ago. Can't believe it's been that long ago already!


One of the things I like about moving is the opportunity to declutter. I only keep things that are useful or beautiful. But, Doris, it is a lot of work.

Anonymous said...

It's a good feeling to go through stuff and discard what we don't need any longer. In the last 2 years, I have let go of a lot and it's much easier to manage and clean now. Have a great time with those precious little ones.

Granny said...

What a busy time for you all! We've moved countless times over the past 28 yrs, and hopefully will be able to again in another year or so. The one thing I don't look forward to is going through all our "stuff". Will be praying your house to sell & your move to go smoothly ... Good luck :)

Beatrice P. Boyd said...

Doris, it was great fun to meet for the second, but not the last time. We're glad that you enjoyed the fresh veggies. Thanks for the mention in this post. Continued success on clearing out stuff ... Can we borrow that dumpster?