Friday, July 13, 2012

Aidan climbs a mountain; A picnic and some ducks

We had a fun day. I worked so hard all day yesterday and it was time for some fun. This morning I asked Aidan what he wanted to do. I was researching some things on my phone...all which cost money, I will add. He said, I know what we can do. He wanted to go to Long's Park and play on the playground!! How about that, no money involved.

We went to my house to pick up Gina and Ellen. Our next stop was Wendy's to pick up some lunch. Nana didn't have anything to pack a lunch with. Then it was to the park!

We ate by the lake. Aidan was disappointed that no ducks were swimming by where we ate. Not to worry...somehow the ducks put out the word that HUMANS were on the island with FOOD!! And we had visitors.

These two stayed right there the whole time we ate.
Many swam by and some walked by to see what was happening.

Zoe keeps an eye on those ducks!

Aidan enjoys his lunch....
I had chase some ducks that were freaking him out!
We also had a bird and a squirrel visit us.

I kept telling the kids not to drop any food or we would have more visitors than we wanted.
Guess who was the only one to drop something...
Me!!! I dropped a french fry.
Covered it with my foot. I bet there was a mad rush after we left!!

Off to the playground where Aidan climbed a mountain.....

This mountain moves. He wasn't so sure about that.

He got the hang of it.

Big stretch and a big step...

He does a happy dance!

Guess who...

Aidan took his new sand bucket to scoop up some mulch.
They had a lot of fun doing that.
But, a little boy came to me and said they should go to the beach
to scoop sand.
I told him they like to scoop mulch too.
He gave me a look which clearly stated that
I was a crazy woman!

A very good day =)


Theresa said...

I can relate:) I had a good day too! Cute pictures of Zoe and Aidan! Love the one of her peeking thru the boards! That's a keeper! Love the happy dance too:) Enjoy your weekend dear friend! BIG HUGS!

Musicaljean said...

What fun! I haven't seen Austin all week. I gotta do something about that tomorrow.

Anonymous said...

I love Aidan's happy dance photo! They are so cute and what a fun day to share. Lunch from Wendy's sounds good to me. Have a nice weekend.

Annmarie Pipa said...

looks like a fun day!!

Beatrice P. Boyd said...

Doris, the simple things and ones that are both free and fun are the best. We had a great time catching up with you on our PA visit. It was good to see you again!