Monday, June 11, 2012

The Wedding - part two

I borrowed these photos from the Maid of Honor, Julissa.
After I had Greta all dressed, I started crying.....
then Greta started crying....
and Ellen kept telling me, Don't cry, Mom!

Zoe gets help with her shoes too =)

After the wedding, we went outside to a small courtyard for some photos....

Lynn's parents,
Ed and Sue Good

I borrowed the next four photos from my sister Jean.....

Dale and I with our 6 children plus our new son-in-law, Lynn

Is this not the sweetest photo ever?
Ellen with her Grandma Mary.
Grandma wore the perfect dress for this wedding...
shades of lavender and purple.

My sister Mary Ellen with sleeping Brinley

Zoe, Paityn and Aidan love the fountain.
Love their reflection in the window =)

Next we went to a local park for more photos....

The photographer wanted the guys to all jump over the girls
It took several tries......

He got it!
(Julissa photo)

Next, it was to the Reception at the famous
Lancaster County Shady Maple Smorgasbord.

So Pretty!
(Julissa photo)

Ellen and Gina

The cake

So sweet!
I can't get over how pretty my Greta was...
even the back of the dress looked so good on her...
Certainly that was very important to her too =)
There was a dress I loved but she didn't like the back at all.
This dress was perfect for her!

First Dance

Nice shot, Julissa!

Sweet Zoe!


Crazy Scott and Lynn!

Christy and Ellen cut a rug =)
(Julissa photo)

Aidan and Julissa
(Julissa photo)

These girls were best friends all through High School....
and still are!

Lynn hams it up with the girls!

Lynn is ready to take his bide for a spin in his Dad's old car.

Just Married!

June 9, 2012 will be a day forever in our hearts.
Congratulations to Greta and Lynn!

Haven't heard for sure but they should now be in Jamaica!


Theresa said...

Oh my goodness, SOOOOO many great pictures! Love the pictures of the little ones dressed in their whites and flowers in their hair:) Greta is sure beautiful and so is Ellen! I love the colors that you all chose! The cake was so pretty with the colors to match the girl's dresses and the bands to match Greta's sash on her dress! Great family shot... you look gorgeous! I know you are happy that it is behind you and looking forward to these two sharing their love for the rest of their lives! BIG HUGS!

Anonymous said...

How I have waited for these photos. I love the touches of purple, lavender and yellow. Each photo is just beautiful! Looks like a perfect and joyful day and I thank you for sharing with us. Hope they have a wonderful trip to Jamaica!

Musicaljean said...

Great pictures, Doris! I'm glad you got one of the cake. We were exclaiming how beautiful it was, but I didn't get up and take a picture of it. So sweet about you and Greta crying and Ellen telling you not to!

Beatrice P. Boyd said...

Hi Doris, thanks for sharing the complete wedding day through these photos. Looks like everyone had a great time, especially Greta and Lynn.

Grandma Mary said...

Such wonderful pictures of beautiful people-a lovely couple and lovely wedding!
I love the picture of Ellen and I precious.