Wednesday, June 13, 2012


Yes, this week is normal! Normal is happening around here once again....
  • Child care Monday and Tuesday and again on Friday
  • Dirty laundry, piles and piles of dirty laundry, is getting washed, folded and put away!
  • Meals are being made
  • Dirty dishes are being washed
  • Grocery shopping happened today =) Aidan and Zoe will have some choices on Friday...was slim pickins' this week!

Normal is a good thing. What doesn't feel normal yet is having to lock the kitchen door and turn out the porch light just before I go to bed.....we always left it open for Greta and the light on for her till she got home.

I got an iPhone last week. I took some  pictures on Sunday, with the iPhone, when Greta and Lynn opened their wedding gifts. I will post some after I figure out how to get them from the phone to my computer....this all is a learning curve for this Grandma!

Have a great Wednesday!


Theresa said...

Normal feels wonderful after such a busy time! I know you will miss having her there but oh the joy when she comes for a visit:) I know they are having a great time! BIG HUGS from my little Georgia heart!

Anonymous said...

Normal is good after such a whirlwind of events! Look forward to more photos. Sleep tight!

Musicaljean said...

Because my phone doesn't take very good pictures and I don't use many of the ones I take with it, I just email them to myself in order to get them on my computer. There should be a little curved arrow at the bottom left of the picture that you can press and it will give you the email option.

Dick got the iphone 4 and it takes amazing pictures. I'm hoping I can upgrade to that when my two-year contract is up on this one.