Saturday, June 30, 2012

So much Fun!!

Big smiles.....

Little Miss ketchup face  =)

I may have a fever but I'm still having fun!

Zoe says, "Yeah, Sesame Street!"

They know that Sesame Street is only on Nana's TV at certain times...
not anytime like at their house.
(Nana doesn't have DVR)

We pray that Aidan's fever will leave. He doesn't want to miss the family fun at Long's Park tomorrow afternoon and evening. It's our tradition to pack lots of food for a picnic (or maybe it's a pick-nic!), enjoy the concert, then it's fireworks and cannons!!

We also have a church picnic in the little grove behind our church after the service tomorrow. That's always a wonderful time too!

Looks like it will be another hot day for our picnics......I just hope any storms will hold off till the fun is done!

Wishing you a fun week-end! Stay cool!


Anonymous said...

Sweet pictures and I pray that Aidan gets well soon. Seems like it is HOT everywhere this weekend. Enjoy the picnics!

Theresa said...

Precious little faces! Hope the fever goes away, the storms stay away and that you get a little breeze;). Hugs