Monday, May 14, 2012

Sunday and Monday

Whew, my computer is slow tonight! We shall see if I get both Sunday and Monday stories told!!

Sunday -
We arrived early to church. I practiced with the worship team. While I was singing, Corey came with Zoe (Chisty and Aidan came later). Zoe saw me at the front of the church and waved her little excited hand over and over to me.....melt my heart!

Lunch was grilled by some of the guys. Lynn made chicken with a vinegar base sauce and Scott brought salmon and made some wonderful seasoned chicken for a salad. Greta went to the grocery store and got a few extras for our meal. It was YUMMY!!

Brinley was fussy as lunch was served so I took her out on the porch. She relaxed right away as we sat on one of our purple chairs. I sang to her and she went to sleep. I may have been hungry but to miss time sitting on the porch while holding a sleeping baby and watching the blue sky with puffy white clouds...PRICELESS!

Dale's sister Nancy and his Mother surprised us with a visit. They had been at a soccer game and decided to stop in. How nice!

Later, Dale started a fire in the fire pit so we could make S'mores. It started to rain a bit but we got some made! YUMMY!

We had a great time as usual. I'm sure the neighbors heard the talking, the laughter and the tired children cries through our open windows!

Monday -
This morning it was an early start to Corey and Christy's for the kids. I got a call from Dale as I arrived there....he needed a bag of tools that he forgot to get out of my car. Later Greta called to say she left her car keys in Lynn's truck and wondered if I could take her to his work place to get them! After the kids deccided it was time to get dressed, we took off on our journey....first home to get Greta, then to Lititz where Dale was working (what a delight for the kids to see Pop Pop!) then to Ephrata to get the keys from Lynn's truck. Again, what a delight for the kids to see Lynn! Next we decided to stop in at the house where Greta and Lynn will live. I haven't been there since the reno work. The upstairs is just about done, except the flooring. The main floor still is awaiting paint and some flooring. They are working so hard! It will be a nice little home for them. Aidan was so thrilled to see the house, especially the purple wall in the master bedroom!

This has been a very rainy day. It's to rain again tomorrow. Days like that seem to be license for more coffee than I really need partnered with a really good that's gonna happen!

No pictures of our day....I left my camera at my sister's house Friday evening. I'll get by her home to get it one of these days! So instead of current pictures, how about some from the past?

This is my sister Barb.
She's a farmer in Idaho.
She's amazing!

Family Fun!
Andrew is sitting on Kim, you can't see her!
Christy, Lynn and Greta
That old sofa has been long gone
but is was a comfy one..
till it sank so low it was hard to get out of!!

One content kitty!
Our cat Taz has been gone now for 2 years.
He loved anything soft!


Anonymous said...

Good Morning, Doris! Sounds like you had a full and happy Mother's Day. We had about 3 in. of rain over the weekend and I actually did start a good mystery book. I love the photos you have shared. Taz looked like my childhood cat, Charlie. I know you miss him.
Hope you have a nice day.

Musicaljean said...

Boy, it's good the price of gas has come down a bit with all that driving you had to do yesterday! Don't you wonder how they all survived when you were working fulltime all those years?

Isn't it great when someone else makes the food?

Theresa said...

Busy but happy weekend with the family! I can just see your smile all the way from Georgia! I would have taken that sweet baby to the porch too:) Much more fun than eating! Enjoy your week my friend, HUGS!

Beatrice P. Boyd said...

Doris, what a very busy couple of days you had! Even without the photos we got thepicture of what a family-filled time you had.

Barb said...

That first picture brings back so many good memories of a fun weekend. One of these years all of us girls will have a weekend in Idaho.
I love hearing about your good times with your family.