Friday, May 18, 2012

And it's Friday!

Where the heck did this week get to? It was just Monday and now....

There is some catching up to do. While Aidan and Zoe watch Ice Age (such a funny movie), I will highlight some of my week.

Let me start with some pictures from last Friday evening. (I picked up my camera yesterday) My sister Mary Ellen had a milestone birthday last week. She invited family that lives in this area to celebrate with her at her home. It was delightful!

Happy Birthday, Mary Ellen!

Aidan and Zoe pose for a picture...
they are always so cute together!

Let me in, please!
I have something I need to do!

Are you ready for this?

This is just what I had in mind....
music to my ears.

Aidan sings "Happy Birthday to You"
to his Aunt Mary Ellen

...gets a hug in return!

Grandma Mary, Mary Ellen and
 Nancy (my brother's wife)
share a laugh about something!

Lynn (our soon to be son-in-law),
my brother Dick,
Jennifer (my nephew Richard's wife),
and our daughter Kim
enjoy some conversation.

Daughter Gina (at the end of the table)
and Andrew, Kim's son,
join Kim at the table.
The empty plates show how
the cake was
and the other cakes too,
and the ice cream
and all the other goodies we ate that evening =)

Love the roses!
They were a gift to my sister from Grandma Mary.

This week I've worked up in the attic. I ask myself....WHY did I ever save this stuff?? I will recycle the plastic containers and jars with nicks and old magazines (crazy for not doing this years ago!). I'll give away some fabricand Christmas decorations I no longer want. I'll let the kids go through some of their stuff (I do not promise to keep it all for them to look through, just saying), and I intend to throw away the declared JUNK! I doubt there will be much left to move. There can't be!

Yesterday I went to Pleasant View, the retirement community where I was employed for 15 years, to practice the song I will sing at their worship service on Sunday morning. It was soooo good to catch up with the receptionist. She has gone through some health stuff this year. Was happy to see her back to work.

After that, Gina and I went to Bed, Bath and Beyond. I needed to purchase a wedding gift for a former employee who is getting married next Saturday. Vanessa was one of my best staff members. We found what I wanted to give her and had it sent to her...I didn't realize it was an order gift only. Oh well, they will even wrap it for free and I don't have to remember to take the gift to the wedding!

From there we shopped at Kohl's. I had a $10 card to use. I tried on the cutest pair of coral sandals. I really wanted them but I left them in the store. I thought if I could find something to wear to the wedding next week that would look good with the sandals, I [maybe] will decide to purchase them....we will see!

Then to Maxwell's. I tried on 2 dresses and neither was made for me. BUT I saw a yellow purse that I really loved. It was just what I would like. It was $40, was worth $99 so the tag said. I thought about it, carried it around with me while I looked at more purses....and left it in the store. I may regret it but I could not justify spending $40.

On the way home, I called Mary Ellen to let her know I would be coming by her home, could I pick up my camera? As I was talking to her on the phone, I kept driving and only after I hung up I realized I completely drove several blocks past the road where I needed to turn. I cannot do 2 things at once!!

My day was not over yet. I had dinner at Olive Garden with some friends. Oh, it was so fun! Sometimes a girl just needs to do that!

Movie is over and now it's time to take advantage of this beautiful day and head to the playground. More fun in store for this day!

I really hope you are enjoying your Friday! 


Mary Ellen said...

You got some really nice pictures from my birthday party. It was so nice to have family at my house. Aidan's song was a beautiful gift to me, what a lovely voice he has. One day Zoe may be performing on the piano for us.
Enjoy this beautiful day!

Anonymous said...

time goes fast when aperson is haviang fun. thanks for sharing those great pictures. I was at Jury duty for two day this week and that was the slowest two days i spent in a long time. joanne D

Theresa said...

Busy lady!!! My kind of days. I love staying busy:). Enjoy your shopping for the dress, sounds like fun to me!! I love to shop;). Have a blessed day with those little cuties. Hugs

Musicaljean said...

Now I really hate it that I missed that birthday party. Such great pictures!


What a fun busy week.

One thing I love about moving is that chance to get rid of everything that is not either useful or beautiful. Good job, Doris.

Anonymous said...

Looks like a great birthday celebration. Aidan & Zoe stole the show!!! I think they are both going to be musical.
We have a little more junk to get rid of in the garage and then finally we will be through. It's been about a 3 year project.
Love to you and your family.

Beatrice P. Boyd said...

Doris, we're still going through stuff and wondering why we moved some of it when we left NJ. Now realize. Don't want to move it to another place. Glad your sister had such a wonderful birthday celebration. And sometimes resisting a bargain actually feels good!

Annmarie Pipa said...

good for you!! sound like a packed full day of fun!!