Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Oh My Goodness.....

Christmas is how many days away???????

We had this discussion last night. Greta was talking about when to make an appointment at a Bridal shop.

 Looking at her schedule, she mentioned that next Saturday wouldn't be a good day. Dale said it wouldn't be good since they probably would close early anyway.

I said, WHY?? I was told, because it's the day before Christmas. Still in my Duh moment, I said, It is not!!!

Oh dear, yes it is.

Lots to do. Lot's to do. Christmas is coming and it will not wait for me to get it together =)


Anonymous said...

Christmas is sneaking up on us!!!


Merry Christmas, Doris. It is sneaking up on all of us.


Musicaljean said...

You probably have it more together than I do. I haven't bought one gift yet. Don't even have any ideas. But I only buy for the grandchildren, so it won't be too many. I have so many services I'm playing for right now, since I'm doing two churches this month, that's all I'm getting done it seems.

Theresa said...

Oh yes my friend... Christmas is almost here! I can't wait to put all of the paper and bows away:) Clutter in the dining room needs to get packed up! It makes me crazy!

Have a blessed day dear Doris! HUGS!

Mollye said...

funny how long it takes to get here when we are kids and never enough time to finish projects when we are grown.

Joanne said...

cant" hardly beleive that next Sunday is Christmas. this month went fast.