Monday, December 12, 2011

Another Family Sunday

Most Sunday's find  the family gathered at the Homestead. That's what happened yesterday.

But first, more about our Saturday.

I had a very busy Saturday decorating the tree. We also hung greens at the windows on the porches and on an old chicken crate I keep on the front porch. We still have wreathes to hang on two gates..... when I purchase the wreathes. If I don't get to it, oh well!

Ellen wanted to go see Christmas lights so we stopped everything around 6:30. First stop was the house with lights set to music. We saw them last year too. What a wonderful, delightful, amazing, thrilling show!! Ellen was literally rocking the car with her [seated] dancing to the music! Next, it was to a property with lights on trees surrounding a pond. Again, just beautiful! From there we went to Mc D's for some burgers and fries. Took them home to eat. I was tired by then and decided I was finished for the day.

So after church, everyone was heading here to spend the day. I hadn't prepared a thing to eat! We decided to let Two Cousin's prepare some pizza and salads for our lunch. They were so happy we asked =) Hubs and I picked up the pizza, Corey and Christy provided soda, salsa and hummus and chips.  Marcy and Scott stopped for dessert. We had a lunch and other words, we picked at the grub all day! Kim and Andrew joined us after Kim got off from work.

We watched the Eagles win. That make some happy family members. Later we watched the movie Elf. What fun...we howled with laughter even though we had seen the movie soooooo many times. That is just one fun movie!

Zoe sees the camera and says 'Cheese'!
(excuse the mess on the floor =)
many people
just wanting to relax!)

Of course, baby Brinley is the star of the fam just now.

Brinley is really growing!
We all took turns holding her, even Zoe got a few turns. Zoe just loves the baby and will hold out her arms with her fingers doing the 'give me give me' motion!  Unfortunately, Aidan didn't take the time to express his desire to hold Brinley...till she was all tucked in her car seat to go home. He was soooooo disappointed!

Zoe also loves books. She wanted to share a book with Pop Pop and Brinley.


After the movie, it was Andrew's turn to watch his team play. Andrew loves the Cowboys!

And another fun week-end comes to a close. A new week has begun. Aidan and Zoe are with me today. Zoe is taking a nap and I'm ready to stir up a batch of Snickerdoodles with Aidan.....well maybe not with Aidan. He was watching a movie while I was writing this post. I heard him yawn. This is what I found when I looked over at him......

Sleep good, sweet boy


Anonymous said...

Busy but fun weekend for you! These are such great photos of the family. My parents always took us to ride around and see the Christmas lights when we were young. I remember one neighborhood would light candles in sacks and line the streets. So very pretty and all while we listened to carols on the radio.

Those cookies will smell good baking this afternoon. Maybe you can sneak a couple before the little ones awake!

Barb said...

Oh I just love the pictures of your precious little ones! Especially the one with Pop Pop.

Musicaljean said...

I love the pic of Dale and the granddaughters. Seems like he's been holding little girls his whole life!

Theresa said...

Sweet Sundays with the family... can't beat that! I love the pictures ESPECIALLY the one of Pop-Pop reading to those babies:) Enjoy your evening dear Doris, HUGS!