Friday, November 4, 2011

Zoe and Adain at the Mall

On Thursday, I met Zoe and Aidan and their Mommy at the mall. Before that, I did some shopping, visited Brinley Hope and got a haircut. Christy was scheduled to work and I was going to just get the kids and take them to my house but....Aidan wanted to go into the mall. (plans had changed for me. I wasn't to go get Paityn after all) I asked if they had a stroller. No, but Aidan said they have "two ones and one ones" inside the mall. He suggested getting a "two one".  So we did!

We went to the bank, Bath and Body Works, Hallmark. Then Aidan said he was HUNGRY! What do you think we decided on?

Ice Cream, of course!

Yum, Yum!

I just love Zoe's expressive face........

We had a great time and it was soon time to go. We parked our cool ride and picked up the $1 in quarters we got back. Our walk to Nana's car was slow.....we were all tired! Zoe was asleep before we got out of the parking lot!

Another memory day to hold in my heart =)


Anonymous said...

These are the cutest photos! Hope you all have a wonderful weekend, Doris.

Theresa said...

Sweet memory made! Zoe is going to be a Movie Star:) Her expressions are priceless as was the memory! Have a blessed weekend, HUGS!