Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Special Days

Saturday -
Corey and Christy continue to work to get their home ready to list. Dale and I are helping where we can. On Saturday, Christy had to work. I offered to keep the children so Corey could work at home....uninterrupted. Dale was helping him. Aidan was not happy to see me when I came to his house. Why? Because he was planning to go outside with his Dad to clean up some leaves and to jump in them. He was happy to hear that I wasn't in a hurry and he could certainly go outside and have some fun!

Chasing after the leaves
as his Daddy was blowing them into a pile!

This is the BEST part of Autumn!

Pop Pop gave them a ride with muscle power
because the battery was dead!

This is lots of fun, Pop Pop!

Aidan also took time to ride his bike on the deck.

It was soon time to go and let the men get to work. The great outdoors caused some sleepy eyes and both kids were asleep before we reached my house! Later Aidan helped me make a chocolate cake.

Sunday -
After church we had a family reunion to attend. My Mother's family gathers at a local school the first Sunday of November. It's always special to be with her family - my remaining aunt (who was not able to attend this time) and uncles and their children. It was a smaller crowd this year but just as enjoyable!

After that, this Nana had to go see her newest baby! What a sweet little Peanut! I got to change her diaper....could not get over how little she is! She was wide awake when we got there. I didn't have my camera but took pictures with my cell. Not the best quality.

She was wearing the outfit I bought her.
Newborn size is kinda big
but she will grow into it =)

Nana had to share her with Pop Pop!

Monday -
Aidan and Zoe were my company this day. We stopped at the grocery store on the way from their house to ours. Aidan convinced me of some extra purchases =)

On this day, 29 years ago, my dear Mother went to Heaven. It might be a long time ago and lots of life has happened for me in that time, but I still remember her and miss her. She was a wonderful woman who loved the Lord, loved my Dad and loved all her kids. We knew that without a doubt.

Tuesday -
Today there are two special people with birthdays!

Joe Reed, who is engaged to our daughter Gina. Happy Birthday to you, Joe! We will not be able to celebrate with him today since he lives too far away. We have not seen Gina and Joe since our vacation in August......seems like a long time ago! Joe, we are so happy to have you as a part of our family! Have a great time celebrating you today!

Gina and Joe

It's also my sister Jean's birthday! Happy birthday, Sis! She won't mind me telling her age....60! We celebrate 60! My Mother and my oldest sister passed away at age 59. So, 60 is reason to celebrate. Have a wonderful day celebrating, Jeanie!

Jean (in the coral blouse) with her Hubby
and some of her PA family

Wednesday (tomorrow) -
My Mother-in-Law will be 91! Happy Birthday to you!

Great Grandma enjoys her little ones!

Wishing you all a special day too!


Anonymous said...

Such adorable photos of everyone. Little Brinley sure is tiny.

May God comfort you today with sweet memories of your mama; I know you do miss her so much.

Busy times for you and your family. God bless you all.

Musicaljean said...

Can't get over that tiny dolly!! So precious!

I didn't know that Joe and I share a birthday. At this point 60 doesn't feel any different than 59, but I am thankful to be celebrating 60 years.

Theresa said...

Girl, happy to get caught up on your "doins":) Happy Birthday to Joe and your Sister! I know that they will be celebrating with loved ones!!!!! AND Happy Birthday to your Mother-in-law tomorrow! 91! WOW!

Those little fellas are mighty cute in the leaves... isn't that fun!

OMG, that precious little one! So cute dear Doris! We sure love our Grandbabies, don't we?

Have a blessed day dear Doris, HUGS!