Saturday, November 26, 2011

Aunt Gina meets Brinley Hope

When Gina comes (she lives in Northern PA) for a visit, she always wants to see family. This time there was a special little girl she wanted to meet. She could not wait to meet Brinley Hope.

Gina was the first one to hold her.
Zoe loves Brinley too!

Zoe really loves her...
getting a closer look!

Aunt Mary Ellen to Brinley's rescue!
Mary Ellen stopped in to see Gina
 and got to see many more of my family too!

Gina wanted to visit Grandma Fahnestock and Aunt Nancy too. I thought I would take her to their house to see them but Nancy said they could come to our house. Nancy and Grandma also wanted to meet Brinley!

Nancy holds the little dolly.
 Great Grandma sees her newest Great-Grandchild.

Sweet Brinley Hope

Zoe gets some Aunt Gina time too.

Aidan loves to hold Brinley too.

someone was taking pictures
 while I was busy in the kitchen....
what a cute shot!

Making a meal was in the works anyway so adding more to the menu to feed more people was not an issue. Nancy and Grandma, Marcy and Scott and family, Kim and Andrew along with Corey and his kids and Hubs and I and Gina (Ellen spent the evening with a friend) ate Onion BBQ chicken fingers, sour cream mashed potatoes, baked corn (made by Nancy), tossed salad, cranberry salad, pumpkin pie, pumpkin dirt pudding (made by Scott ad Paityn). What a fun family time once again!

No child care for me today. Gina and I are heading to the mall to shop. We will take our time, no stress, no time limit either. When we have enough, we will head home. I have not had a shopping day like that in ages!

Gina heads home tomorrow after church. I love having her for several days =) But she is missing her Honey!

Wishing you a wonderful Saturday!


Theresa said...

SWEET pictures! I know you love being surrounded with those sweeties! That little Brinley is adorable AS ARE Zoe and Aidan!

Enjoy your shopping day, I am hanging out at home AGAIN today! Perhaps doing a little decorating, watching some football and doing a little baking! Have a fun day, HUGS!

From the Kitchen said...

Babies are such a delightful addition to families especially during the holidays. Such a sweet little addition you have. Enjoy!


Anonymous said...

Cute photos and the food sounds wonderful. Hope you girls have a blast shopping!!!

Musicaljean said...

Wonderful pictures - all of them. But that close-up of Aiden is really, really good. What a handsome little boy!


Your sweet family . . . always so fun.