Monday, November 28, 2011

Shopping, More Family, Brunch Prep, Sore Throat

Gina and I had a great day shopping on Saturday. As soon as we got to the Mall, we checked at Cost Cutters to see when she could get her hair cut. It was only a 10 min. wait. But the cut took forever! Gina has thick hair. The young girl took her time giving her a great cut, thinned it, blew it dry and styled it. She looked wonderful!

Gina found 2 pairs of jeans, a sweater, a puffy vest and a shirt to go with it. I'd say we had success. She was pleased!

Headed home after a hamburger and fries at Five Guys. We drove through the town square to see the lights on the way home. Love them!

Sunday came too fast and it was time for Gina to return home.  After church we met Joe's Mother and Grandmother at the mall. Transferred her stuff from our car to Vicky's and she was gone. Was sooooo good to have her with us for a few days. She was ready to go home again. She missed Joe and Shiloh, her dog!

We had a house full of people again Sunday afternoon and evening. I warmed leftovers from meals I served on Thursday and Friday. That's a good way to clean out the frig! I was one tired Nana when I went to bed!

This week will be a busy week of preparation. Our Women's Brunch at church is on Saturday. I usually do all the decorating. But this year I asked for help. And I got it! There is still a lot to do. I have such a hard time relaxing till it's over. I actually make lists for these events! Surprise, surprise!

One of the 2010 tables

Ah, a sore throat is listed in my title too. Yes, I have a sore throat. Had one all last week and it seems to like me. It really isn't bad, not at all like when I had strep. It effected my voice last week. The elderly couple I stay with still wanted me to read to them...I said I would if they could stand how I sounded! I was so thankful to be able to sing on Sunday morning. I coughed my way through practice but God paved the way during worship...I coughed not once! Sore throat, please leave!

Well, that's all for tonight. My mind will be focused on the brunch this week. (all while I live my normal busy!) My prayers are going constantly for our speaker and for the women and girls who will attend.... that our hearts will be soft and ready to receive the word He has for us. And, of course, I pray that everyone will have a blast!



I pray the women's event is wonderful and encouraging. Thanks for serving the women in your church.


ps. get well.

Theresa said...

Ahhhh, shopping is fun and it sounds like that is exactly what you ladies had:) I sure hope your throat feels better. Too much to do to be sick! BIG HUGS AND prayers dear Doris!

From the Kitchen said...

Successful shopping and good times with family make the season even brighter. Your church luncheon sounds like a lot of delicious fun. Hope you feel better soon.


Anonymous said...

Happy to hear that you and Gina had a successful shopping trip. I hope your sore throat gets better very soon. The luncheon table from last year is so festive.

Musicaljean said...

I'm glad Gina could be home for a few days. I pray your sore throat leaves and that Saturday's brunch will be a very special time.