Friday, October 7, 2011

A week of people, farm show, friends, singing....

As I said earlier this week, our Farm Show is going on this week. I've been there everyday and I've eaten food there everyday! Monday evening I took Aidan, Zoe and Paityn to the Baby Parade. I forgot my camera (a repeated event this week) but I did have my phone.

Those faces just melt my heart!

Waiting, waiting.....

My heart melts some more =)

Cousins having fun!

I took Paityn home after filling her belly with much food that she said it hurt!! While eating, she suddenly said, I miss my Mommy! I know her Mommy was ready to see her too. It was a great day!

Tuesday and Wednesday I stayed with the older couple. I read to them, help them to find music to listen too, TV programs they want to watch, reminisce, look at pictures and do some baking. On Wednesday we made a pan of brownies with some sour cream and choc. chips in them. We each had one while they were still warm! YUM!!

Tuesday I was tired so we just went to the Farm Show to eat and come home. I had my favorite sub (or hoagie, as some know it!). I just love them! Wednesday was the parade. I parked at a church and took the Farm Show shuttle bus to the fair. That was an awesome service. It was a lovely evening and everyone in our town and the surrounding towns must have been there! Oh my, the crowds! I decided on a baked potato with cheese and bacon that night. I was really hungry so I also bought a ham and cheese sandwich to eat while watching the parade. Where was my camera.....air head left it at home =(

Yesterday, Ellen and I had a quick lunch at the show (Ellen had off from school). I got a walking taco...everything is put in a bag of Doritos. Was so good! Then it was to York for an appointment for Ellen. Dale and Ellen headed to the show again that evening. I had plans to eat with some friends that I worked with. 7 of us and did we have a wonderful time! (where was my camera??) We decided we need to do this every month or every other month. Sounds good to me!

Today I made breakfast for the couple I help. Then it was to the retirement community to sing at a funeral. Was so good to see some more of my former co-workers again. Bev, the receptionist always has pictures of her grandson on her computer to show off! What a cutie! Diane played the piano for me today. I hadn't seen her since I left. And I also saw Rosemary, the Assisted Living Administrator. She was on a medical leave when I left and I haven't seen her since. Pure joy!! She told me she prays for me, is that just the sweetest ever! She says she talks of me all the goodness. She enjoyed the in-services I taught and the classes I taught on the subject of dementia.

I sang, How Great thou Art. The words just spoke to me so powerfully today. And, being at a funeral for a man who had a wife, daughter, stepdaughter, grandchildren who are grieving brought back some tender memories of my Dad. It was 2 years on Oct. 1 that Dad went to be with Jesus.

So now I am waiting the arrival of 2 sweet faces who need their Nana this afternoon. I will never tire of this job, if I can even call it that.  

Off to the Farm Show for more food this evening. There is also a home Football game tonight. I'll let Dale and Ellen enjoy that..... I can came back home and pick up my Kindle. I'm reading 'The Help'. What a good book. Laying it down is way too hard!

Perfect weather, fabulous people, good times, good book, tasty food (no cooking. I repeat, NO cooking!!). Would you call it a good week? You bet, this was one that is going into the memory bank with smiles all over it!


Anonymous said...

Thank you for sharing your busy week with us and the faces of all the sweeties in your life. The food from the fair sounds Soooooooo good! Blessings to you all this weekend. By the way, my brother gave me a Kindle and a gift certificate and I love it! One of my college girlfriends saw the movie The Help and is now reading the book and she loves it too.

Musicaljean said...

Mmmmmm. I can just smell that farmshow food!! Your time with former co-workers sounds so fun. I would love a chance to do that.

Barb said...

I would love to be living with you this week. What wonderful times!! So happy that you could spend time with former co-workers.


You busy girl, you! Sounds fun.