Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Photos from Ocean City, NJ

Taking a break!
Tammy (friend of RaeAnn), Sister Harnish (who is almost 89 yrs. young! Goes to RaeAnn's church), RaeAnn (also known as Mom Strenger. She organized the trip), Katie (daughter of RaeAnn), Amber (Christy's friend and a friend of the Strenger's) with Zoe (my cutie-pie granddaughter), Christy (my wonderful DIL).

Zoe slept while we shopped =)

Ice Cream for Zoe
Frozen coffee for Christy and me.
Mine was a pumpkin spice and was soooooo good!!

Wedding pictures on the boardwalk!

Had to take this one for Greta....
purple is her color!
These girls went on the beach for some pictures....
walking on the sand in those heels was challenging
and interesting to watch!

Love this view!
Clouds started rolling in by late afternoon.
Sunday was cloudy, some drizzles and cool.

This was taken Friday morning at home.
When Ellen and I went outside to wait for her bus,
I saw the beautiful sky and ran back into the house for the camera.
I love a beautiful sky =)

Today I stay with the sweet couple. We will make a pan of brownies this afternoon. This evening is the Farm Show Parade. No rain in the forecast today....yeah! It's to be 70 during the day and back to mid 40's tonight. Perfect weather! 

I just got a phone call from a resident at the Retirement Community where I worked for 15 years. Her husband passed away and she wants me to sing at his funeral on Friday. She asked me to sing 'How Great Thou Art'. I am honored to accept the request.

Have a beautiful day, my friends!


Theresa said...

Beautiful pictures from your trip! Love seeing weddings on the beach! Works just as good as a fancy/costly Church wedding!

Enjoy your day, sweet day you will be having and I wish I could hear you sing that song! One of my favorites!

Have a blessed day my friend, HUGS!

Anonymous said...

So sorry about the resident's husband passing; I know your message in song will mean so very much to her.
Your sky photo is beautiful!
Love the beach photos too and frozen pumpkin coffee sounds delicious!
Bless you as you go through your day.