Thursday, October 13, 2011

Rainy Days and Thursday's

It is Thursday.
It is cloudy, drizzling and rainy. A very gray day.
It isn't making me feel down. Not today.
Why? Because we have just experienced a row of wonderfully warm and sunny days.
And, I have these two to keep me laughing!

Aidan is without his shirt because
 he got the sleeves wet while washing his hands.
He thinks he looks like Super Man!!
Zoe is without her pants because her diaper got too wet
 and soaked them!
They were washed and are drying =)

It's been another good day!


Barb said...

Those little ones sure can brighten a dreary day! So glad you can enjoy your grands so frequently.

Musicaljean said...

Such cute pictures! Notice that I don't post on my blog for days on end when I don't have Austin? There's just something about me sitting around working on music in my jammies that somehow doesn't seem picture-worthy, hahahaha!!

Theresa said...

Hi there dear friend! Sweet days with those angels of yours:). Can't get any better than that, enjoy...hugs!!!

Anonymous said...

Such cuties! I know you treasure the times you share with them. They surely keep us smiling, don't they? Wishing you a very nice weekend.