Friday, October 21, 2011

An Evening of Cheers

Last evening we attended the end of the season Banquet to honor the UDS Challenger Football League and the Cheerleaders. We ate Pizza Hut pizza, bread sticks, salad and dessert bread sticks. Yummy! Many businesses sponsored tables or donated money to cover the cost. We are all very grateful for the community support which gives our special kids a chance to do what kids like to the great game of football or to cheer.
This opportunity to cheer is a dream come true for Ellen.

Ellen and her two friends
with a UDS Service dog.
The service dogs are one of the UDS programs.
Someone brought them to the games. Everyone loved them!

A room full of excited kids, parents and some Grandparents.
After the football players got their awards,
it was the cheerleader's turn!

Ellen with some of the volunteer cheerleaders from Donegal HS.
Deb, the leader is at the podium.
What a great group. These girls came on Saturday mornings to help our special daughters.... after a late night of cheering at the High School football games. Deb was there every Saturday, even the Saturday that didn't suit any of her team, and, she was sick!

One happy Cheerleader!

Our girls blessed their volunteers with flowers.

Ellen and Deb

Ellen and Molly

Trying to get them all together for a group picture!

Football players, coaches and volunteer helpers.

There they are...
our special girls and their helpers
Another successful season comes to a close.

Special, special, special!


Maple Lane said...

Very heartwarming photos, Doris. Ellen looks so very happy! I hope you all have a wonderful weekend.

Theresa said...

This group just warms my heart! What angels... every ONE! Ellen is smiling so big:) Have a blessed weekend dear Doris, thanks for sharing this special time with me! HUGS!

Karen said...

They will always remember this wonderful time! Have a great weekend!

Musicaljean said...

This gives me tears. It is so beautiful. So much love and honor.