Thursday, August 18, 2011

Wedding Dress Shopping and a cute Zoe too!

On Monday Greta along with 3 sisters (Kim, Marcy and Ellen), a friend (Julissa) and her Mom (me), went to David's Bridal in York to begin the hunt for 'The One'. She tried on a lot of dresses. Some were so pretty, some were nice, some were OK, but none of them was 'The One'.

I really liked this dress.
She looked great in it....
but it isn't 'The One'!
(I am intentional in not showing you the front....just in case it becomes 'The One'!
She will make another appointment.

This morning I went to Corey and Christy's home to get the children. Christy is still sick even though she is on 2 antibiotics! She hope to get an appointment at the Dr again today. Zoe was being her cute self before I got her dressed and Aidan got up. Enjoy some pictures.....

Zoe found Aidan's hat and put it on her head!

OK, now how do I get into this thing?

I'm in but I think I'm losing the hat!

Ahhh, maybe I'll rest awhile......

Or maybe I'll play peek-a-boo....
I see you!

She is just so cute! She is taking more steps although is still very cautious. But if she needs to get somewhere fast, it's to the floor on all fours and away she crawls at lighting speed =)

Have a wonderful Thursday!



Love Zoe's hat. And what a joy it must be . . . hope you find "the one."


From the Kitchen said...

I had such fun shopping with my DIL for her wedding dress two years ago. She tried a lot of dresses before finding "the one"!! I love your daughter's dress from the back. Little Zoe is so adorable. Aren't they fun to watch? Enjoy!


Theresa said...

Finding "the one" is tough but when she sees it, she will know:) I LOVE Weddings and I can't wait to share the happiness of Greta's big day!

Zoe is absolutely precious! I love that hat and her smile puts a smile on MY face:)

Enjoy your day dear Doris! Have a sweet day, HUGS!

Anonymous said...

Hello Doris! What fun and excitement to be looking at all these pretty wedding dresses with Greta! That Zoe is so cute! Love her wearing the hat!!!

Have a restful evening.

Mrs. M. Lane

Anonymous said...

Doris, I am concerned about Christy and hope everything is ok. Update us when you can.
Blessings, M. Lane

Musicaljean said...

That dress looks lovely from the back. How exciting! I am praying for Christy.