Thursday, June 16, 2011

Aidan, the Carpenter Man

Wednesday was a day for being outdoors. Zoe and I sat on the big swing while Aidan enjoyed the baby little swing.

Then Aidan thought a change would be good.  He climbed the stairs to the slide and Zoe wanted to swing in the baby swing.

Zoe loves to swing

Aidan got to the top of the slide, turned around and came down again.
Aidan, the Carpenter Man,  said he needed his
 tool box.
I looked to see what caused this need.
Sure enough....

A nail was sticking out and could be a problem.
(sorry the pic is on it's side)

Aidan, the Carpenter Man, returned with his hammer.
He hammered and he hammered.

The Carpenter Man was workin hard.
He climbed down the stairs again.....

He needed a different tool, the Carpenter Man said.

Back to his tool box he went.

There was much grunting coming from
the Carpenter Man.

The grunting stopped.
Nana, the hard workin' Carpenter man said,
I think Pop Pop needs to use his tools.
Nana said that sounded like a wise idea.
So the Carpenter Man hung up his tool on the nail and......

and had some fun!


Anonymous said...

Zoe and Aidan are so cute. He is quite the carpenter man! That looks like a beautiful place to enjoy the outdoors.

marcy said...

Oh what a cute little carpenter man! Paityn enjoyed looking at the pictures too and I read to her what he was doing.

Musicaljean said...

SOOOO cute!!