Saturday, April 23, 2011

It's Saturday and Easter Sunday is coming!

It's Saturday....guess what I'm doing! Cleaning, of course. Taking it slow....maybe because......
  1. It's raining. Again. Well it was but now it has stopped. Still cloudy but it's not raining at the moment! (would you believe that the SUN is peeking out of those clouds! We have not seen much of the sun for far too long!)
  2. I hurt after I clean. It gets better after a day or 2.
  3. Cleaning, while it needs to be done, is not up there on my favorites list! But I feel so much better when I get things in order again. It's never perfectly in order or perfectly clean, I will hasten to add. We do a lot of living in this home =)
  4. It's cold....45 degrees when I looked at the outdoor thermometer....and that was after 10. It's starting to warm up, is in the higher 50's now.
There are just a few more areas to clean and then I can do some fun stuff. I have some Easter bags to pack. They will not be as full as other years. We don't need so much candy anyway! I also have some plastic eggs I want to put some small goodies in for an Easter Egg Hunt tomorrow afternoon. I do hope we have nice weather!

By the way, I still hide Ellen's and Greta's Easter baskets for them to find on Sunday morning. I love it. I must try to come up with a new hiding place each year....not always easy! Any of you still make Easter bags/baskets even though your kids aren't little anymore?

Ellen's first Challenger Baseball game was canceled for this afternoon. So disappointing! We will pray for beautiful weather next Sunday for pictures and the opening ceremonies. Our Sunday afternoons will be busy ones till the end of June. Bring it's wonderful to see these kids having the time of their lives!

 It will be a busy family day here at the Fahnestock home on Easter Sunday. It's my Sunday to help sing on the worship team at church. I'm excited about that! I love to sing and I know there are some wonderful praise songs slated for this special day.

Wishing all my readers a Blessed Easter!


Theresa said...

I need to be cleaning but I am playing with Easter Stuff:) Our morning was a little misty but the sun finally came out and we got our game in!

Have fun on your sweet Easter Sunday with friends and family! HUGS!

Musicaljean said...

I love your header picture.

It looked like you had a great time yesterday with your family, according to the pics on FB. My heart ached for Gina wishing to be there. I could so relate.