Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter Day 2011

One of the first things I noticed yesterday morning was something we have not seen much for weeks and weeks. The sun was shining! And it wasn't freezing cold. What a gift from God on the day we celebrate the Resurrection of our Lord! We had a meaningful worship service at church then it was back home to put the finishing touches on our dinner. Paityn rode home with us. She chatted all the way remembering the Easter egg hunt last year, telling us how she was little but now she is bigger and told us she got a hula hoop although I wasn't sure what it was....Nana was having a hard time understanding. Sure enough it was two hula hoops so she could share with Aidan =)

I didn't take any pictures of lunch partly because I didn't set a table. We don't have enough space to stretch out the table and sit to relax. If we set a table we need to clear everything and put it back in place as soon as we are done eating so we have room to visit. It's sorta a pain. I just served the food from the kitchen as we usually do when we have the bunch over on a Sunday. Less fuss was good =)

The weather was perfect for an Easter egg hunt. The storms and rain came later in the afternoon and evening....just perfect!

Zoe's Easter basket was a bunny filled with yogurt snacks =)

Aidan checks out his Easter bag from Nana and Pop Pop

Aidan says, What's this for?

Aunt Kimmy has an idea.....

Aidan the scarecrow!

Paityn finds a sticker book in her Easter bag!

And bubbles....purple bubbles!

Looks like Aidan has some egg gathering to do!

Paityn sees one in the fire ring bricks.

Lynn to the rescue....
he had a cup in his hand so he just put it to his mouth
and bit down with his teeth, that worked =)

Our grandson Andrew helps out his little cousin =)

BLUE bubbles! Neat!

PURPLE bubbles for Paityn

Aidan became a blue Smurf ...
Paityn did not want to be that messy!
 (notice the blue splat on her arm!)
We were teasing Greta and Lynn that we would use colored bubbles at their wedding...
imagine the purple spats on her white dress!

Aidan was loving this!
It washes off!

Zoe was comfy!

Gina wanted to be with us so bad. I am so  irritated at the high gas prices which was the reason she couldn't come home. I'm sure this same reason kept many a family from being complete this year. She and Joe plan to come on May 7. We will be counting down the weeks...she hasn't been home since February.

It's another beautifully warm day. I have Ellen, Aidan and Zoe to keep me company today. We will eat all the goodies I had left over from packing Easter bags.....well, maybe not all of it ;)


Theresa said...

Gas kept some folks from our Easter Lunch and Egg Hunt too! It is rediculously high:( Love seeing all of your pictures! I always enjoy seeing those sweet Babies of yours!

NO to the colored bubbles at Greta's wedding! A polka dot wedding dress wouldn't be good EVEN thought it would be after the ceremony:)

Have a blessed day dear Doris! HUGS!

Musicaljean said...

Oh my word, Zoe is even cuter when she's comfy, hahahaha!


You, my dear, are a very fun grandma.


Anonymous said...

These are the cutest photos! Looks like a grand time.

Kat aka Beachkat said...

You are so lucky to be able to spend Easter with so much of your family. Great photos.