Monday, March 21, 2011

Monday, a new week

What, the week-end is over already?? That went fast!

Saturday was a normal cleaning day. At least I tried to make it that! I did not feel like cleaning. To make it a bit more interesting, I got out a few spring things. I need to look for a new wreath and a little spring flag for outdoors. Last year (although I didn't remember I did this!) I threw out a wreath that I thought was well past its prime and the flag that was just too faded. I did find some daffodils at the grocery store....2 bunches for $5. They look wonderful in that white pitcher that I love! They're sitting on the kitchen sink where I can enjoy them as I wash dishes. Dishes, yes there are a bunch of them to wash.....again =]

Sunday brought us to church in the morning and the kids here for lunch in the afternoon. I served meatball sandwiches, tossed salad, veggies and dip, cookies and fresh fruit. We also ate lots of other stuff too. My kitchen table was filled to the brim with goodies! Kim's hubby was out riding his Harley and stopped in for a visit....and to warm up a bit! It was colder than he thought it would be. Kim was working. She and Andrew came later.

After they all went home again, I tried to stay awake to watch Celebrity Apprentice. I think I dozed at times but I saw the end of the show! Now it's Monday. A gray and rainy Monday. That does not make me feel like doing a thing! I will clip coupons from the Sunday News, clean up the house again and do some laundry. No littles today. They are enjoying a Monday with Mommy =)

Monday blessings to you!



Your weekend sounded fun, Doris.

My mom always cleaned house after company . . . but not before. Interesting eh?


Theresa said...

Oh what a sweet Sunday! Your Sunday lunches with the family all around you ALWAYS make me feel warm and cozy! I love that tradition!

Enjoy your day! It is a beautiful, sunny day here in GA!


Musicaljean said...

The day turned out much better than it started, didn't it? Warm enough to tease us just before the next blast of cold comes later in the week. March may leave any time now.

Jeane` said...

There are nothing like a sunny bunch of daffodils to get one through dishwashing!

Have you seen 'America's Next Great Restaurant' on Sunday night, before Apprentice? I think it is an interesting show to watch, although it leaves me insastiably hungry for food I do not have access to!! ;)

Thank you for your sweet comment on my blog...made my day!