Thursday, March 10, 2011

A little bit of this, a little bit of that

Oh my, this has been a week! Not that it was anything unusual. I didn't post much because the same happens about every day. Not sure anyone wants to read about that =]

I kept my 2 sweeties on Monday and Tuesday. On Tuesday while I was playing with Zoe (Aidan was in his bed taking a nap) I held her tight and told her that this is the best job in the world! What a privilege. I never want to take it for granted.

But I do miss my interactions with the elders too. I bring that longing to the Lord. I'm not clear on how to combine the two passions. Other than doing volunteer visits to a Nursing Home with my sweet littles. Now that would certainly be a delight to the elders. I know, I have witnessed it many times when I was an Activity Director. 

Yesterday Greta and I went to the AAA office so she could get an Easy Pass. This morning she and her friend Sarah left for a driving trip to Maine. They have a friend attending college there and will bring her home for spring break. Am I nervous about them traveling so far? Um, yeah! I'm praying.....a lot! She said she will keep me updated.....I said no calls while she is driving!!
* update 12:35p  - Greta just called, they are in New York. Had a problem with a windshield wiper. A guy at a Hess gas station helped them tighten it and all is well again. It's not raining much now, but had heavy rain in NJ.
* update 5:20p - They arrived!!!! WhooHoo =)

I went to the mall in the afternoon. I needed some things at Sephora. I'm so thankful to have that store at the mall. They sell so many brands, good stuff. OK, I'll tell you that I needed Philosophy Booster Capsules. They are to last 2 months, I make them last 5 or 6 because I don't use it every day. I was out of them for too many weeks and my face was feeling tight and very old. Greta said I was feeling my age....I told her I don't want to feel my age!! That 21 year old kid thinks she is sooo funny sometimes =))

Today I have the house to myself. It's raining. It will rain all day. I don't like to clean on cloudy, rainy days but I will clean anyway. Because cleaning will be a way to keep me from worrying too much about the girls taking that road trip today. It will also help to keep me from eating too much due to the nervousness! I will be so happy to hear they made it safely to Maine.

Tomorrow I will keep my littles again. Ellen has the day off from school. And, it is a special day for one of my kids. More on that tomorrow!

Two pictures of Aidan and Zoe....

Have a wonderful Thursday!


Theresa said...

Sweet little children! I know that they feel so lucky to spend so much time with you!

I'll add some prayers for safe journeys for Greta! I pray that they will get there and back without any problems!

Take care my friend, I gotta go check out the miracle stuff you are talking about at Sephora! HUGS!


Nice to hear that you got a day to yourself. I love cleaning the house when I am home alone.

And sweet prayers for the travellers.


Anonymous said...

Praying for their safe travel.
Thank you for the cute pictures of the precious ones! I know they put a big smile on your face as well.

Musicaljean said...

So glad Greta arrived safely. I wondered why she was going up there.