Friday, March 11, 2011

Happy Birthday, Marcy!

It's birthday time again in our family. 34 years ago today I gave birth to our second child, another daughter. We were thrilled! I was almost 23 and our Kimmy was not yet 2. Wow, I was a busy Mom! And a young one to boot! Marcy was a very good baby. She was so calm and easy going that I would jokingly say "now where did I put the baby"!! Marcy grew up to be my helper when I gave birth to more babies. She was almost 5 when her brother came along. She wasn't sure she wanted someone else to be the baby of the family. I remember her asking me if I would still love her. Awww! She was 12 when the twins were born and 17 when Ellen was born. Marcy is gifted in seeing a need and being able to know what to do to meet that need. I was so blessed to have her help while she lived at home!

In 1998 Marcy was in a tragic boating accident. It almost took her life. She survived but has life altering effects from the accident. She is a paraplegic. Did she let that get her down? Nope. She lives her life to the fullest. In 2003 she married her love, Scott. She went to college and has a degree in Special Education. She is the Mommy to sweet Paityn. Marcy is a wonderful Mommy! Marcy is an inspiration to so many, including me, her Mom. Love you, Marcy! And Happy, Happy Birthday!

Baby shower for the new to be parents

I love this photo of the new Mommy and her sweet baby!

Happy family!

This is a Mommy who is crazy in love for her child!

Marcy is also a wonderful Auntie....
helping Aidan play a computer game at the beach house.

Relaxing on the deck at the homestead.

The Smith Family....
Scott, Marcy, Paityn

Have a wonderful birthday, lots of red velvet birthday cake =)



Happy Birthday, Marcy. Thank you for following your dreams after such a life changing accident. I imagine having a sweet mom and big family helped. And now you are the sweet mom. I love that.

Thanks for sharing, Doris.


marcy said...

Thanks mom! Don't have a cake yet but may have to go get one. Paityn certainly thinks we need a cake. We have your birthday to celebrate next!

Theresa said...

Happy Birthday to your gorgous daughter! How inspiring to hear her story and her comeback from that tragic accident! I know that she is the best Mommy because she sure has a great role model!

Have a blessed day my friend, HUGS!

Musicaljean said...

What a great post!! I remember the first time we saw her sweet face in the bedroom of your Mastersonville house. Thirty-four years ago. Yikes!!

What a girl! You forgot to mention that she's drop-dead gorgeous!

Barb said...

Yes, she is beautiful and I think she looks like her beautiful mom!

Anonymous said...

A wonderful post, Doris. Marcy's sweet personality blesses me. She was blessed with loving parents! And she is Blessed with a loving husband, and daughter.
Mary Ellen