Tuesday, February 8, 2011

What's happening around here?

I would be very tempted to say - Not much of anything! After all, it's winter and we seem to have snow or sleet or freezing rain about every other day! (an exaggeration, but it feels like it!) The point is....I am very weary of cold weather and dreary days. So weary!

To help me focus on the bright side of things, I decided to make a list of highlights during the past week. Here goes....in no particular order -
(I started this post on Monday, but finished it on Tuesday....Littles here on Monday...need I say more?)
  • Monday - When I left Corey and Christy's house to bring the kids here, the sun was shining and it was in the 40's! I took off my coat, I was working up a sweat getting those kids buckled into their seats =)

  • Last week my family had a group email going for several days. It started with a mouse story from my sister Mary Ellen. It went to spiders, snakes, bats and back to mice again. Several of my siblings, nieces and nephews all chimed in with stories and comments. There was even a picture of a very large snake that my niece killed in her Florida yard.....so I'm told, I did not look at the picture! Shivers!!!

  • On Sunday I went to a Bridal show with Greta and Lynn. So fun.....after the crowd thinned out a bit. We saw awesome displays of flowers, jewelry, dresses, cakes (and tasted some too!).

  • I knew that Joe's Mother was in Lancaster for the week-end and was attending the show with her sister. There were so many people there and I had given up seeing her. In fact, I stated that with sadness, it just seemed impossible with so many people and so many areas where the displays were located. As we were walking down the hall to leave, there she was coming out of one of the rooms! We got to chat and meet her sister Grace and her daughter Jen. Thank you, Lord for making it happen.....even when I thought the chance was less than nil.

  • We registered Ellen for Challenger baseball again for this spring! She is excited =)

  • On Saturday, I was feeling especially tired of winter. Energy to do even a small task was non-existent. That evening, I pressed  #77 on my TV remote which happened to be TBN. I don't tune in very often to this channel, but this evening was to be. Bill Gaither was showing a video of gospel music filmed on a cruise ship somewhere chilly (why not a tropical location?!!) The music was awesome! Many songs were those that my family sang together. The first song I heard was 'Bless the Lord oh my soul, and all that is within me bless His Holy name'. It spoke to my weary soul like nothing else could. By the time the show was over, my soul was blessed and refreshed!

  • Now this will seem carnal compared to the last bullet! After the Spirit lifting music, I was channel surfing and came across the movie, Mamma Mia. I had never seen it. Loved it! The music is awesome, except for maybe Pierce Brosnan singing.... that felt sorta uncomfortable, just didn't seem natural for him.  I don't know what they cut out for TV, but I probably am more comfortable with this version anyway =)

  • Sunday night Super Bowl party at the Smith's! Scott's parents invited our bunch to watch the game with them. Food was awesome, ate WAY too much! Ellen brought her pom poms and cheered Green Bay to victory! During the half time show Ellen, Aidan and Paityn danced their hearts out =)

Well, there you have it. There is more to tell, but this is long enough and I have things to do! Have a great Tuesday, everyone! Spring is just around the corner......even as the temp heads downward and the oil truck just filled up our tank (again) to the tune of $4.1990 a gallon. YIKES!!!


Musicaljean said...

I remember the first winter we were married and had to buy heating oil for the first time it was $.18 per gallon!!

Our electric bill this month is enough to almost make me cry. And tonight's temp won't be helping our next bill either.

I'd better stop. I'm just making myself more depressed!!


Good for you, Doris. You had your antanae up and paid attention to the good things around you.


Anonymous said...

I think we are all so tired of Winter but Spring is coming!

I love Bill Gaither and his gospel videos. I love all the old hymns that we sang in church when I was young.