Saturday, February 5, 2011

Nana, make a

Those were the first words to me when Aidan arrived yesterday =) He loves to help in the kitchen. (could be a new chef in the making!) On Tuesday when he was here, I made an apple cake but needed to 'just get it done' so he was not invited to help. He was sad about that. I told him that maybe we could make a cake when he comes the next time......guess who has a wonderful memory! We made cupcakes. He measured, he poured, he stirred, he even insisted on helping me crack the egg!

 Oh where are the pictures?? Nana never thought of taking them.

He ate a good dinner of chicken, applesauce and then.....

Enjoying the fruit of his labor =)

Looks like the cupcake gets a Thumbs Up!

We packed up some to send home with him to share with Mommy and Daddy. He chose them from this pan because he wanted the red valentine papers that he put in the pan. He is so sweet!

Today is another day of ice. It's raining and freezing on the roads and trees. Things seem to be improving. The salt truck went up our steep hill and cars are going at a more normal pace. I have enough inside kind of things to do that I won't need to go out today.......Spring, could you make an early appearance, pleeeease?

Have a great week-end! Go, Steelers, I guess..... Ellen is rooting for Green Bay!


Musicaljean said...

Those pictures are adorable! What a sweetheart.

Those cupcakes don't look too bad either!


Such a darling child.

My girls used to make those same cupcakes - we called them "surprise cupcakes", because of that yummy middle.

What a fun grandma you are, Doris.


Theresa said...

OH MY GOSH, SA-WEET pictures! I love the one of Aiden with his head leaning to the left:) PRECIOUS! Those cupcakes look delicious, tell him Ganky wants one! Enjoy your weekend inside! We have had lots of rain but it is sunshiny today! HUGS!

MOLLYE said...

I'm with Ellen. Go Packs! Since the Saints ain't this year and my other boys...da bears are a no show, I just picked Green Bay. He is one adorable and sweet boy! Hugs from Louisiana!

Musicaljean said...

Aiden probably learned that head tilt from his nana, haha!

jacque said...

What fun! No, the little ones never do seem to forget do they?! Enjoy those cupcakes.