Saturday, February 26, 2011

Ellen loves to dance!

Ellen dances all the time here at home. She loves to dance! Last evening was the February Aaron's Acres activity and it was a Valentine's dance! She was looking forward to it. Greta was home yesterday so she fixed Ellen's hair and helped her to get dressed.

Isn't she beautiful?

Ellen took her camera to the dance. Someone captured some great shots of her dancing. When I went to pick her up, I was told that she had her groove on! 

Allie, Nicole, Ellen, Elizabeth

This is one happy teen!

Go, Ellen!

Didn't Greta do a great job on her hair?

These three girls are best friends.....
they are classmates, they play baseball on the same team
and cheer together.

* I forgot to add that on the way out to go home Ellen said "My feet hurt"!
 I bet they did!
Aaron's Acres is the best program for kids with disabilities. We are so blessed to have Ellen involved in these activities. We heard of the summer camp but could never have her go because of my work schedule, I couldn't take her or pick her up. And it's very expensive. We heard of this school year program from her friends parents and decided to check it out. It was last minute to sign her up so we just paid out of pocket rather than ask for funding through Lancaster Co. MH MR. Ellen is the kind of kid who can be very content to just stay home and do her own thing. We felt this would be a great activity for her and it has not disappointed us. Each kid has an adult buddy. These people are mostly college kids who are studying Special Ed, PT, OT. Every activity Ellen attends, Megan is also there too. Awesome!

This week we had our annual meeting with Ellen's MH MR caseworker. Since I'm not working and income is tight , we decided to ask for funding for summer camp and the school year program. Her case worker is pretty sure we will get it this year but can't be sure for the future. (new Governor, not sure what budget cuts there will be). I am so thrilled to at least let her be involved in 2 weeks of camp this summer. There is also an afternoon session involving dance and an opportunity to swim this year. That is extra. Not sure if we will get funding for that or not. But her caseworker is hoping we am I!

I worked with elderly adults with disabilities. I saw such potential in them but because of the era they were born, opportunities for their development were not a reality. How sad. I'm sure their parents did the best they could. How thankful I am that Ellen has so much help through school and extra activities to become all that she can be....just like a typical kid can.

Today Gina and Joe are coming for a visit. I can't wait to see them again! We will go out for dinner with the rest of the family that can join us then they will head back home....a 2 1/2 hour drive.

Well, I have some clean up to do before they get here.  And I have a bunch of cupcakes to make for a special birthday party tomorrow! Best get moving! Have a great week-end!


marcy said...

Looks like Ellen had a great time. Greta did a great job on her hair too. It is such a wonderful opportunity for Ellen to be involved in those activities and have such great friends. See you later today.

Theresa said...

She IS beautiful and Greta did an awesome job on Ellen's hair! That girl certainly has her groove on at the dance! Love watching her having SO much fun! HAPPY GIRL and her smile makes me smile!

Have a blessed evening my friend... save me a cupcake:) HUGS!

Mary Ellen said...

I am happy to see Ellen in Aaron's Acre. A special child at church is in it, and her Mother always told me it was so great. MEW

Barb said...

So happy to see Ellen having a good time. She looked so nice.

Musicaljean said...

Go, Ellen!! Greta, great job on her hair!