Monday, February 28, 2011

Busy Family Week-end

WARNING: this will be a long picture post!

What a fun week-end! By now I'm sure my readers know that I'm more than a bit crazy about my family! I was looking forward to seeing Gina and Joe on Saturday. It's always a special time when they can come for a visit. They arrived sometime around 2:30 in the afternoon. We sat and visited, Gina warmed up some soup I had made, we all had a cupcake that I was preparing for the special party the next day. Marcy, Scott and Paityn came and we soon all headed to Country Table for dinner. Kim, Corey, Christy and the kids were able to come too. Greta and Lynn were in western PA with Lynn's family to visit his sister. What a great time we had. Not sure if the couple at a table across from us felt the love, though. Marcy thought the lady seemed a bit disturbed by the kids as they waited for their meal. We weren't letting them be wild....they are little ones being little ones. Oh well! After we ate, we headed to the bake shop. Most of us chose the huge whoopie pies to take home. Kim called her family to ask what they wanted.....she walked out with about 12 of them! I chose a wonderful muffin called Morning Glory. Yummy! Gina and Joe headed back home again. She called me after 10 to say they arrived safely.

Pictures taken on the cell phone because I forgot my camera.....

Gina and Joe

Marcy and Scott

Paityn entertaining Zoe

Corey and Ellen enjoying some relaxing conversation before dinner

Kim, Ellen and Corey

Mommy entertaining Aidan while waiting for dinner.
Mommy has a vivid imagination!
Quite entertaining =)

Sunday was another family day. I had to be at church early to warm up with the worship team. What a wonderful service. It's always wonderful. We heard a sermon on Hope. Wonderful....I seem to be using that word a lot!

After church, it was to the Community Center where a party was being prepared for a special 1 year old Sweetheart. Hubby dropped me off to help then headed home with Ellen. They returned later. Christy and her friend already had a lot done. We were ready about 15 minutes before the party! Enjoy the pictures.....

Dessert Table
Isn't it pretty?

The Birthday Girl was hungry before the guests arrived.
So she ate!

Mommy decorated some of the cupcakes that Nana made with pictures.

Sweetheart cupcakes for the Sweetheart!

Christy had some pictures and a vase left over.....
We put our heads together and came up with this arrangement.

The girly-girl gift table!

Ellen didn't want her picture taken!

Enjoying being together!

Brenden tied balloons together for Ryley

Christy's mom with her girls!
Karen, Laura, Lisa, soon to be DIL Katie, Donna holding her daughter Ryley, Christy holding Zoe

These boys were really into the craft!

So was Aidan!
Notice the shiner on Aidan's eye -
he got that at our house Friday night!

Gift time!
Lots of helpers!

Zoe seems to be ok with the help.
Christy had them take turns.

These two cousins are so cute together!

Happy Birthday to you!


Is this thing all for me??

Yum yum!
Going for the icing and red sugar first =)

Loving it!

She is the neatest 1 yr. old I have ever seen!

It is so hard to believe that Zoe is already 1 yr. old! We prayed so earnestly for this little girl while she was being formed. During the first ultrasound there were some possible abnormalities found in her development. While we would love this little one no matter what, we are so grateful to God that He saw fit to bless us with a little girl without challenges.

Today it's raining and we already had two thunderstorms. A good day to stay inside! My little ones will be coming this afternoon. Should be a fun time! Have a great Monday!



Fun, fun and more fun. You gave your blog the perfect title, Doris.


Theresa said...

I enjoyed this post, sweet Zoe enjoying her Birthday cupcake is precious! They grow up soooo fast and I wish that we could just slow things down! I savor every moment of every day with my family, littles and bigs:) Have a blessed evening and thanks for sharing your fun family weekend with me! HUGS!

Musicaljean said...

So many blessings, Doris. I'm so happy for you!