Friday, January 28, 2011

Oops, not good!

Why did I do that? Let me start at the beginning....

I started my day with catching up on a book study I'm doing. Then I caught up on some cleaning. Ellen had an Aaron Acres activity tonight at 5:30 that I needed to get her to. Got her there on time, I think.....traffic was terrible! Went home again. Hubby was home by that time. We found some things to eat (I didn't cook tonight) then made our way to my brother's shop to pick up the van which was there to be inspected today. Picking up Ellen was next on our list. I got the bright idea that we should stop for some good coffee. We don't do that very often. So we made our way to the mall where he dropped me off at the door of..... Starbucks! I got a cup of coffee for Hubby and a cup of white choc. mocha for me.....and a brownie to share! Yummy! Hubs picked me up at the curb and we were on our way to get Ellen. Suddenly it hit me.....I didn't even think to ask for decaf coffee....I was drinking a strong Starbucks REGULAR ! At 7:30 in the evening!! Just where  was my head? Oh well, not finishing it was not an option.

After getting Ellen, we stopped at my sister's home so Hubby could fix a closet door for her. She had some pictures she needed an opinion on where to hang. We made some decisions and Hubby hung them for her.

Now I'm in bed.....guess who is not sleeping =(  My bad!


Musicaljean said...

Boy, it's good we're not meeting for an 8:00 breakfast today!!

Theresa said...

OH NO, for me that would mean NO sleep at all! I don't even drink tea for dinner! Bless your heart! I know you enjoyed it while you were drinking it, but certainly paid for it during the night! Naptime perhaps this afternoon for you:)

Enjoy your day my friend! HUGS!