Monday, January 31, 2011

Family Week-end

Saturday -
My sister Mary Ellen prepared lunch for my sister Jeanie and I. It was so nice to be together as sisters. Of course there are more sisters in our family, but they live too far away to join us. Jeanie doesn't live in Lancaster County but was here for the week-end. Mary Ellen served wonderful chicken and rice dishes and some of her wonderful applesauce from the freezer....still icy! Jeanie brought some yummy brownies and I made fruit salad. After lunch we sat in the living room and looked at old photo albums. What fun! I forgot my camera, no pictures.

After I got home, I intended to sweep the floors and do a bit more clean-up. I just did not have the energy to do anything! So I didn't.

Sunday -
We went to church as we usually do. I held our sweet Zoe who fell asleep in my arms during the music. Love it! After church, Hubby and some other men from church went to a car show in Harrisburg. I went to Caraba's with Marcy, Scott, Paityn, Ellen and Kim for lunch! I was never there before....oh my word, the food was AMAZING! I got the chicken trio....I have half of each piece of chicken left for my lunch today. From there, we came to our home to hang out. Paityn wanted to play in the snow. She really wanted to make a snowman. Her Daddy and cousin Andrew were more than willing to help her.

Nana, I need a carrot!

But the snow had dried out too much to make a snowman.
They did shovel some into a pile...
Paityn told Mommy,
"we made the butt but not the head"!!!!

PopPop went to the barn and brought out a saucer.

Get ready, get set, GO!

Down she goes!

SOOOO much fun!!!
Rates right up there with making a snowman!

Eventually everyone ended up here for food (I didn't have much), football (a very boring game) and fun (always an abundance of that around here!). Of course, Gina and Joe were missing. Miss them!

We discussed and looked at pictures of houses near the beach. We are making plans for renting a house  in Delaware for a week in August again this summer. Looks like we may try a house in a golf resort. It's not on the bay like last year but has nice amenities. And a lot less expensive which is important to all of us.

Now it is Monday. The week ahead will be much of the same. I will take care of my littles, bad weather is in the forecast and I will be cooking, cleaning and doing laundry. And I will also be preparing to lead a Bible Study for the Women's group from church. Before I know it, February will become March and the daffodils will be blooming. Oh, I can not wait!!

Have a meaningful Monday!


Theresa said...

Wow, you had a busy weekend and sounds like lots of great times with the family! Hope you are enjoying your sweet Monday! HUGS!


I love time with my sisters and sisters. in. law, too.

What are you teaching, Doris, for the Bible Study? Wish I could come. So far, haven't found one here, close to our new home.