Saturday, January 1, 2011

Fun, Fun, Fun!

We had fun at our family New Years Eve party! We had food, lots of food and played video games (or whatever you call them). We laughed a lot....we had a great time together! I will let the pictures do the talking.....warning, there are lots of them! My kids are waiting for this post to see them =)

Taking a break from the first round of games.
Scott brought his new X Box 360 with a new interactive game that you don't need to hold a control as you do with the wii. It also records you while playing and shows it at the end of the session. Oh what fun that was!

Paityn, Aidan and I played some wii games in the living room. I am terrible at even the simplest of games.  I wasn't much help for them to be successful. But we gave it our best shot! After a while we were hearing too much laughter from the adults and needed to see what was going on!

Paityn making funny faces.
She had a good laugh with this one!


Yes, Scott brought the Santa snuggie!

He wanted to play the games while wearing it...
needed some assistance to tie it in the back so it didn't come off
during his moves!

Job complete!

Go Santa, Go Santa!

Christy's turn!
I don't remember what this game was but you gotta move!

Christy doing the moves =)

Corey and Greta take on a game of volleyball!

And it's Santa again!

Santa says, I had enough of this thing!
And he sheds the outfit without missing a beat!

Aidan sees it and wants to try it on

This thing is awesome!

Paityn sees an opportunity to get an early start for next year!
Tell Santa what you want for Christmas!

Brother and sister at it again.
This time in a boxing match!
Watch out Corey....

Greta gives a good one!

 The next game was a dance. Christy and Greta faced off and Scott and Lynn danced against each other.

Greta doing her moves!

Go Greta!

She is really good at this!
Christy is thinkin she's in TROUBLE =)

Go Christy!

Look at her go!

Scott's turn!

This was a different song than the girls did...
not as many big moves!

Lynn's turn!

Greta won this game. She is really good at this kind of thing.
When she was in Middle School she could out dance her friends at those Arcade dance pad games.

We couldn't get Ellen to do the game.
But she was having a blast dancing her own dance!

Go, Ellen!

We ended the evening playing a game somewhat like charades. I don't remember the name. We had 2 teams of three. Two team members acted out a word for the other team member. You were to try to get as many correct words as possible before the time ran out. We had a great time!

I guess I didn't get a picture of Andrew playing or of Zoe and Pop Pop. Zoe slept on Pop Pop as he reclined in his chair for much of the evening. She was as snug as a bug in a rug! Not sure there was a pic of Kim either. I talked to Gina on the phone.....she worked a long day and is not feeling well. They both work today. Miss them!

It was then time to watch the ball drop in New York! Happy New Year! 2011!

Everyone left around 1:30. Corey and Christy had talked about spending the night but didn't. I did some more clean up and was in bed by 2.

Today I give the house a quick clean. My sister Jean and her Hubby and Granddaughter are staying here tonight. They will arrive in time for dinner. I want to make some yummy chicken soup.

Happy New Year! May your year be blessed with great things and enough challenges to keep you moving in the direction our Good Lord has intended  for you! (It is my belief, per personal experience, that challenges can be a good thing. Certainly, not always fun....but good)


Mildred said...

Happy New Year Doris! What a lot of fun you guys enjoyed! The photos are just great! It's raining hard today, so we're glad we got out yesterday. Your soup for later sounds delish! Enjoy!

Theresa said...

Looks like loads of fun Doris, much like our evening:) My Grandson got that XBOX 360 game too... no controls is kinda neat! Hope you and yours have a wonderful 2011! BIG HUGS!

Joanne said...

that looked like fun. Happy new year