Thursday, December 9, 2010


Wednesday, Decemmber 8....
I  bought some gifts today! Feels good to be on my way to the goal of getting it done by December 25. Now, if only we had some decorations completed and the tree up................I did put this little tree up on Saturday. Dale wondered if this was our tree this year =) Uh, Noooo!!! Our little ones have a hard time letting it alone (thus the ragged look).

I keep the little ones again tomorrow. Later I will have dinner with my friends from where I worked for 15 years. They were the best co-workers a gal could have.

Didn't get this finished and posted Wednesday evening.....
It's now Thursday afternoon. I had a change of plans this morning. Corey called and wondered if I had any special plans today. I didn't except for getting things done around the house before the children came. He said Christy was sick and could use me as soon as possible! Ok.... I showered and got myself over there. I have the kids at my house now.

Corey was sick yesterday, only worked a few hours yesterday morning. He had to go in to work this morning.

Aidan is taking pictures with my camera. I will see what he captured and post some later =)

Have a wonderful day!


marcy said...

Oh my you are certainly keeping busy. Hope Christy is feeling better. Marcy

Musicaljean said...

I hope you and the little ones don't get whatever Corey and Christy had.

Yes, we got the tree today, but it doesn't have anything on it yet. It does smell good though.

Haven't done anything about gifts yet. We just do gifts for the children.