Monday, December 13, 2010

Losing things, late starts and such

All was going good this morning....I called Ellen, warmed up her breakfast, stirred her chocolate milk, called her again, started reading the morning news. Dale was getting his things ready for work. He went to get his phone off the charger wasn't there! I told him I saw the charger plugged in last night. No phone was on it so I unplugged it. We were on a hunt for the phone. We looked everywhere. Didn't find it. He went to work, Ellen went to school and I showered and went to work too. Greta was still sleeping.

I got to the gift wrapping station when all of a sudden, there was Greta walking by! I wasn't sure what her schedule was but I knew she had been in bed when I left the house! Oh no, she did it again! Her alarm didn't go off, again. On Saturday morning she came running down the steps 'shouting' - I was to be at work a half hour ago!!  Oh my! She will buy a new alarm clock today.

The lost phone was troubling me and Hubby too. Where could it be? My afternoon found me doing several errands...a long story. On one of my trips, I phoned Marcy to ask Paityn if she did something with the phone and to look through their bag they had  yesterday. Marcy called me back. Paityn said she put it in the sofa in the living room. But she says that a lot when they are looking for things. I got home just before Hubby. He had been home over lunch looking for it. He wondered if I found it yet. We took the sofa (sleeper sofa) apart, looked under it, behind it. No phone. He took my phone to ring his again (although he thought if it was charged, it was on vibrate). I went to the laundry room to look (again!). I moved a bag of trash I put there yesterday. Turned to walk away...but something caught my eye. I looked down and. there. it. was!!! Hubby was ringing it and the light on the front was on. That's what caught my eye! I'm sure I moved that bag this morning. Was it there then? Who knows. What a relief. What an answer to prayer!

So Hubby and I are relaxing tonight. I made a Christmas gift purchase on line and am watching a Christmas movie on Hallmark. I will soon make some tea and head to bed. Some days go along with nary a trouble and some days do not. I guess that's what Life is all about.

I hope your day was.....well, less crazy than mine!

* I should add that the phone we were looking for is his work phone.....bought and paid for by his boss. The urgency we felt to find it was great =)


Mildred said...

I am so happy you found that phone. My sis recently "washed" hers and is now awaiting a new one! ugh!

I love Hallmark movies. Do you have a favorite night time tea??

Doris said...

Yes, Mildred, I have several. I like a Blueberry flavored green tea (Salada), Bigelow Sweet Dreams, and Celestial Seasonings Candy Cane lane....all decaf, of course!

So good to have you back =)

Theresa said...

Oh girl, I hate to lose anything! I am happy you found it and got that off your sweet mind! Enjoy your restful evening! HUGS!

Musicaljean said...

Lori's phone and mine are exactly alike, even the cases they're in. We are constantly picking up each other's phones.

Anthony claims that if we were to truly lose one of the phones, there is a website that acts like a GPS and locates the phone on a map!! Isn't that hilarious? And a little bit scary, actually.

Barb said...

What a day!! I'm glad to hear you are having a more relaxed evening. So happy that the phone was found. How did we ever live without those gadgets!