Monday, November 8, 2010

A wonderful week-end and a busy week ahead!

Was a wonderful week-end -
  • Walked through a home that our son and wife are thinking about buying
  • Their Real Estate agent is our daughter it!
  • Went to church....feels like a long time away since I stayed home last week
  • I got to hold my sweetie Zoe during worship/singing. Zoe always relaxes as soon as the music starts and falls asleep. I held her, kissed her fuzzy head and worshiped my wonderful God all at the same time =) I am BLESSED!
  • We attended a family reunion for lunch. It was wonderful to be with my Mother's family.
  • It was even more special because it was 28 years ago that my Mother went to Heaven. My Mom was a really special person. She could not understand why people looked up to her and admired her...but she really deserved admiration! We had a beautiful flower arrangement and some photos at the reunion in remembrance.
  • We visited my Mother-in-law in the hospital. She went in the night before. She is doing ok. We hope she will be able to come home on Tuesday...her 90th birthday!
  • It was to Marcy and Scott's home after that to watch the Eagles game...they DVR'd it allowing us to not miss any of the game. 
  • It was soooo special to hear a little voice yell "Nana!" when I walked into the house! Paityn is a sweetie too!
  • We ate pizza and Stromboli then had ice cream as we watched the game. YUM!
  • I was really sleepy as the evening went on. Around 8:30 Hubby told Paityn to wake up Nana and tell her it's time to go home =) Time change adjustment in the works!
This week will be a busy one!
  • I keep the little ones today and Thursday
  • I have some extra cleaning I would like to do....
  • Because we are having Hubby's siblings and Mother here on Friday for dinner. His brother and wife from Maine are coming on Thursday til Sunday. I always wanted to have the sibs for a meal sometime. We always have a wonderful time when we get together.
  • On Saturday there's a 90th birthday party planned for Mother. I'm sure we will be spending the entire day at the party.
  • We hope and pray that Mother will be in good health this week. Prayers appreciated!
I must get moving on my 'list' quotes because I am NOT a list person. It's usually in my head....but as I age, my head is not always the most reliable! I may need to start making real lists...we'll see!

Have a great day!


Joyce said...

What a wonderful week! I feel the blessings! I will be praying for your mother in law that she is feeling good and enjoys her special celebration!

Musicaljean said...

MAKE REAL LISTS!! Oh, that's right, I've told you that a hundred times before over the past fifty years!!!

Anonymous said...

I never knew your mother,but I am sure she was a wonderful loving mother to you all,especially having 7 beautiful loving daughters and a handsome son -whom I dearly love.I thank God that our paths have crossed and I can call you my step-daughters,son. Thanks for all the love I receive from all of you..Your mother and father are waiting for you in Heaven.

Doris said...

Oh my sweet Mary,
I have tears in my eyes as I read what you wrote. Our Dad could not have chosen ANYONE better than you to be by his side after Mom went to Heaven...I mean that with all my heart! We love you so much!!

Theresa said...

I live my life with lists and calendar! It seems the older I get they are a must! I get a bit distracted these days by little things!

I will be praying for your Mother-in-law! WOW, 90 is quite a special birthday!

Have a blessed day! I am having trouble with the time change also! HUGS!

Anonymous said...

Thank You for that loving affirmation,(We were blessed with 26 wonderful yrs-so lonely now) that helps me to go on in life until I receive my call Home.