Thursday, November 18, 2010

Fun times with Gina and Joe

Yesterday Gina and Joe came to visit. They live over 2 hours away so they don't get a chance to visit very often. They arrived around 3:30. We sat and relaxed, talked and laughed.

My sweet Gina

Joe, who will become Gina's husband next year.

Gina checking out her Facebook page on my little computer

We made dinner plans as we heard from other family members...who and how many were joining us. The count ended up being 14. Joe told us of his reaction the first time he met us. Gina invited him to come meet her family on Christmas Day a couple of years ago.....we were opening gifts when he got here....he was surprised at how many people there were....our family room was FULL.....and it was just us plus Dale's Mother and sister! Our numbers still boggle his mind at times! He said it's fine....just not anything he was accustomed to!

We had a wonderful time eating at the Country Table Restaurant in Mt. Joy.  The restaurant was full when we arrived. Apparently the Pig Stomach special brings a lot of people out on a Wednesday night! We learned it was all sold problem!! Joe tried hamloaf for the first time last evening. He really liked it! Hamloaf is a Lancaster County Dutch dish (pig stomach is also). It's served at all the down-home kind of places.

We decided against dessert and went to the bake shop instead. Oh what a lot of goodies to choose from. I brought home some sticky buns for this morning. 

Sadly, it was time for Gina and Joe to go back home. Our time together goes so fast. She called us when they got home to let us know they arrived home safely.

We love being with them whenever they can get a day to come visit. I had my camera in my purse where it stayed the entire time at the restaurant.....I was so upset at myself when I realized that I didn't take a single picture! I'm sure we will do this again. This restaurant serves good food, we had excellent service and it's so convenient for their trip back home.

Thanks, Joe for bringing Gina home to be with us. We Love you both!


Musicaljean said...

I'm so glad you had that special time when they were home. I admit, I was looking forward to pictures from the restaurant, but I know how easy it is to forget the camera when you're having fun.

Theresa said...

What a wonderful visit with Gina and Joe! I am happy that they made the trip to see you and spend some time! They will be back soon I am sure! Sometimes it is OK not to take pictures... I do the same thing! Have a blessed evening! HUGS!