Monday, November 1, 2010

The Dragon Slayer

Aidan went to the Renaissance Fair on Saturday with his Uncle Ralph and cousin Gavin. Uncle Ralph got each of the boys some armor to wear. Today Aidan brought his get-up to show Nana. He went around the house looking for Dragons! Too cute!

Putting on the helmet

Ready for those Dragons, Nana

Be afraid, be very afraid!

This is all so dear to me....his Daddy (my little boy Corey) had a set of armor too when he was a little boy. He loved it just as much as his son is now enjoying his. So sweet!


Musicaljean said...

So cute! I honestly can't remember of having a set of armor for our boys. But I did use things like that a number of times at school in the musicals.

Theresa said...

What a cuitiepie! I just love those little ones getting in character with their costumes!

Have a blessed day with those memories of you Son as a little one!