Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Busy days!

This has been one busy week so far. I kept the little ones Monday and Tuesday. Today I need to clean, clean clean. The Women's ministry group is meeting here tonight. Thank God my mouth is feeling better all the time. I no longer need pain meds every 6 hours. What a relief!

These pictures were taken yesterday. Ellen was a big help to me while I was getting dinner prepared. Aidan loves it when Ellen plays with him. She isn't always willing....Ellen is our baby which means that she likes to have her space. The little ones get into her stuff, their noise bothers her at times too. We're working on it. I was very proud of her yesterday. She seemed to be too =)

Our maple trees are getting yellow.......

The leaves are really starting to come down.

I happened to notice this leaf hanging on to the edge of the table.

A few weeks ago, the leaves were getting pretty in the woods across the creek.
Now the trees are mostly bare!
The trees in our yard are just starting to change.

Beautiful blue sky!

Time to get moving! Have a great Wednesday!

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Barb said...

Fall is such a beautiful time of year. It just doesn't hang around long enough.
I'm sure Ellen can be a big help with the kids. So glad you can spend this time with the grandkids.