Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Candy Cane Lane

I  stopped at Weis Markets on my way home from Park City this afternoon.

And I found this....

I picked up several  seven boxes. At least I didn't take all of it...I left 2 boxes there.

I really like this tea and they only sell it for a short time around the holidays.

Please excuse me while I enjoy a special cup of tea =)


Anonymous said...

I have not tried this but I bet the fragrance is heavenly! Enjoy.


I will be on the look out for some here. Love a good spicy tea.


Theresa said...

I do that too, find something I love and BUY it all or almost all:) Enjoy your tea my friend, I am like Mildred... I bet is smells wonderful!


Musicaljean said...

I have not seen it anywhere up here this season. I really hoarded it last year, and still have some left, but I'd better be on the look out. I really hate to pay the cost of shipping when I have to order a case half way through the year. But I just can't start my day without my cup of Candy Cane Lane tea. I even drink that before my coffee. It clears my sinuses and moistens my throat. And keeps me healthy and happy!!