Tuesday, October 26, 2010

A Special Monday

Monday. Not always a favorite day of mine, especially when I was working. But my Monday this week was a very special day. I got to spend the day with my daughter Kim. And spend time with my sister Jean. And speak to a lovely group of Penn State students and profs. Can it get any better than that?

Kim arrived at my house at 10 and we were off to State College. My sister (and her son) gave great directions to her house. Dale had put his GPS on the kitchen table for me to take but I forgot to pick it up. Oh well, we did fine. I was so glad to have Kim come along. It made the drive sooooo much more enjoyable!

The drive to State College takes you through many mountains. The trees were breathtakingly beautiful! I just couldn't get over them......I was trying not to bore Kim with all my "Oh, that's sooooo pretty!!" over and over again =)

We arrived to my sisters home in time for lunch. I had not been to her home before so this was very special. Her Grandson was taking a nap. We had to be quiet....a hard thing for those with Witmer genes! But we did good. She took us on a tour then treated us to a DELICIOUS lunch...taco soup and a warm just out of the oven apple pie. So good!

Kim checking messages on her phone

After lunch I needed to change my clothes and prepare for my speech. I looked over my notes. I also brought with me a print out of a Proverbs 31 devotional. I had red flagged it when I read it because I knew I would need it on this day to help calm my nerves. It spoke directly to me. I don't mind speaking. I don't mind being in front of people. But I had never spoken at a college. My nerves were working up a protest! And God was faithful. He always is!

Before leaving Jeanie's house I snapped a few photos of her mountain views......
I don't know what I am doing wrong but I can't get them to load =(

Jeanie dropped her Grandson off at Daycare and then we drove into the town of State College, parked in a parking garage and walked to the building where I was presenting. There we met Jeanie's DIL Lori, Dr.Lori Francis. She was the one responsible for me being in this situation =) We took a quick tour of the building, met some of her colleagues and saw her office. My sister had never been inside Lori's building so this was special for her too. Then it was time to get to the classroom and set up. I was amazed how many showed up for this speech! I know I love the topic of Dementia, but was pleasantly surprised that young people do too. The room filled up. Lori said it was the most well attended session of the year. My goodness!

I was delighted to meet those who came up afterwards to ask more questions. One girl had a question about helping a Person with dementia to eat. She helps her boyfriend's Grandmother. Another sweet student had questions about finding passion in what we do. She is trying to find her way into a field where she will find that kind of love for what she chooses. I had a great time. My goal is always to help those in my audience to SEE the Person, VALUE the Person, HONOR the Person rather than only seeing the illness of dementia. If all we see is the illness, we will be more inclined to see despair rather than hope.

It was starting to rain when we left. Kim and I headed right back to Lancaster County. The rain never got too heavy for which I was thankful. We stopped for some dinner at a Hardee's. We each had a wonderful grilled chicken sandwich. Hardee's gives you a number when you order and they bring your food to the table....how nice is that for a fast food place?!! It was 8:00 by the time we got back home. A lot of time on the road for one day!

So thankful for Kim being with me!
So thankful for safe travels.
So thankful for a God that hears our prayers, cares about our insecurities and shows up in BIG ways!

Now I need to do something about this house which I have been sorta neglecting.....

Have a great day!


Musicaljean said...

How fun to see the day through your eyes!

To Doris's readers: you're welcome to hop over to my blog to see pictures of Doris in action!

Anonymous said...

Sounds like you had great success and I enjoyed hearing about the visit. I applaud you for your efforts in educating folks about dementia.

Theresa said...

I am so proud of you! I knew you would do well, you were prepared and it showed!

So happy that you got to spend time with your Daughter and your Sister! Sounds like a wonderful day!

Now about the house, I have been neglecting mine too and need to get busy:)

Big hugs and thankful heart!

Barb said...

It was so good to read details about your day here and in Jeanie's blog. I didn't know exactly what you were presenting or where. It must have been a wonderful presentation and I'm not surprised. I'm so happy you had this opportunity.