Thursday, October 7, 2010

I see the sun!

What a beautiful morning! I should have taken a picture of the sky as I waited with Ellen for the school bus. I love a beautiful sky.

We've had clouds and rain for what seems like forever. It's Farm Show week in our town. Tuesday evening the weather was cold but it didn't rain. Yesterday it rained off and on....all day. Even at the parade.

What a busy day! I left my house at 8 to go stay with Aidan and Zoe when Christy went to work. Aidan slept till 10. He was not excited to see me when he got up. He wanted his Mommy and Daddy, of course. All my sweet talking did not help. So a Nana has to do what a Nana has to do. I asked him if he wanted a cookie  =) Nana's are allowed to do that. All was well from that point forward!

I brought the kids here to my house around 1p. Gina and Joe drove down to spend some time with us and to go to the Farm Show too. I put Aidan down for his nap. Marcy, Scott and Paityn soon arrived. After a while I heard someone say, Nana, Nana...... Aidan had not gone to sleep yet and was not going to miss out on the fun!  He and Paityn had a blast pulling out the toys while the adults visited.

We planned to meet the rest of our family at the Farm Show for dinner. It was raining again...ugh! We waited for it to stop before we got the babies in the stroller and placed our chairs on the sidewalk in front of the old Middle School. Thank God for cell phones.....we were able to find each other. All our family was there except Kim's hubby and Laurencia. Gina and Joe left to go back home before the parade started. Since our chairs were at the end of the parade, we didn't need to be at them at 7. Corey and Christy and the children were the only ones in our family to stay for the parade. Wouldn't you know, it started to rain again and drizzled or rained the entire parade. Towards the end, it was pouring! I was trying my best to keep an umbrella over Christy and Zoe. At one point Christy and I both remembered (at the same time which brought on uncontrolled laughter!) a marching band competition where we sat in a downpour, a long, intense, teeth chattering downpour. We had umbrellas that night but they were in the car, of course! We decided this parade will be one we will never forget!

Since our car was near where we were sitting, we piled Christy and the babies in our car and took them to our house. Corey ran back to their car in the rain and came to our house to get them. Greta and Lynn came back to the house too. We all sat and talked till almost 11.....even though our jeans were wet to the least we could shed the wet coats =)

Today I'm tired. I went to put the wet blankets in the washer and found a load of clothes in it that I guess I never started yesterday! There are dirty dishes in the sink that I started washing yesterday but didn't finish. There are toys to pick up ....Aidan really wanted to pick them up last night but I told him it's ok, I will do it today =)  I have a dentist appointment this afternoon. And then to the Farm Show for some food again. I didn't get a yummy chicken breast salad or a sweet potato yet. And I need another sub too before the show ends!

I have a busy day ahead of me. It will be a good day. Hey, the sun is will be a great day!

Pictures from Tuesday at the Farm Show........

Aidan and Christy enjoy some yummy fries and choc. milk!

Zoe is all bundled up!


Musicaljean said...

Oh, that just sounds miserable! I so remember sitting in the rain for the parade several times. The worst rain we ever endured at an outdoor event was at a football game one time. We were absolutely drenched to the skin.

The sun is shining here too today, and I love it!

Debbi Does Dinner Healthy said...

It's been gorgeous here in Minnesota! Can't complain at all, low 70's and sun all week!

Theresa said...

Oh my gosh, cutest doggone younguns... Made me smile! I hate you all got wet but thankfully you had an umbrella and it sounds like lots of laughs:) Have a blessed day my friend, looking at beautiful skies is one of my favorite things to do and photograph! HUGS!

Barb said...

The farm show sounds like so much fun even with the ugly weather. I sure enjoyed it last year, the little bit we were there. So glad you all survived the rain. Enjoy the sun!!